Monthly Archive: August 2006

Glenn Ford Dies

Remembering the stern everyman actor Glenn Ford, who has died in Beverly Hills at age 90.

Who2: Not the Album?

Pete Townshend has been teasing us for two years with his claims that the next album from The Who would be titled Who2.But it was too good to last. Now Pete says that it was all a gag.

Karr Didn’t Do It

John Mark Karr did not kill JonBenet Ramsey. That was the announcement made on 28 August 2006 by Boulder County District Attorney Mary Lacy.Despite the DA’s earlier suspicions, and despite Karr’s claim to reporters that he “was with JonBenet when she died,” Karr’s DNA did not match with DNA found at the scene of the crime.

Pluto Rejected, Tombaugh Orbits in Grave

The International Astronomical Union has stripped Pluto of its status as a planet. Pluto fails to meet the IAU’s new guidelines for planets, mainly because its orbit overlaps with Neptune’s. Suddenly our solar system has only eight official planets.

Joe Rosenthal, Iwo Jima Photographer

Joe Rosenthal, the photographer who took the famous photo of Marines raising the flag on Iwo Jima, has died at age 94.

The Ramsey Case

We’ve added two profiles in the sad and increasingly strange case of JonBenet Ramsey: one of the victim herself, and one of her alleged killer, John Mark Karr. His arrest in Thailand, and his apparent confession that he was “with JonBenet when she died,” have added a bizarre note to what was already a very confusing story. Our JonBenet profile has links to some of the most detailed historical sites about the case, while the Karr profile focuses on news outlets in Colorado and elsewhere that are providing steady updates.

Fidel vs. Flintstone

Cuban leader Fidel Castro is still in the hospital but expected to recover, according to his sister. He handed the reins of power temporarily to his brother Raul before surgery this week.Fidel Castro has been in power for 47 years, since 1959. How long is that?