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Random Predictions for 2010

Rather than look back on the Best or Worst of The Aughts or The Zeroes or the Two-thousands, we thought we’d look ahead to some predictions for 2010.Where to begin?

Rush Limbaugh in the Hospital

Radio host Rush Limbaugh is “resting comfortably” in a Hawaiian hospital, after suffering mysterious chest pains while on vacation.That’s what this report from ABC News says.Rush’s official site confirms the news and has updates on his condition.

Dick Clark Still Rockin’ at 80

Dick Clark turned 80 in November, but he’ll still be on camera for his ‘New Year’s Rockin’ Eve’ program tonight in Times Square.

George Clooney (right) with Anna Kendrick as his protege. No, this is not *that* neck shot. None of these are.

George Clooney Sticks Out His (Slightly Aging) Neck in ‘Up In the Air’

Movie Review: Up In the AirDirected by Jason ReitmanAt the AMC Newport on the Levee 20Pre-movie meal: pomegranate seeds and a half-shot of JTS BrownIs there any other movie star in America today who would give us an honest peek at his starting-to-get-wrinkly 48-year-old neck the way George Clooney does near the end of Up In the Air?

Bar Refaeli, Love Child – PHOTOS

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:799:]]Model Bar Refaeli spent part of December dressed as a hippie love child for a photo shoot for Fox Fashion. The setting: a nature preserve in Israel’s Hula Valley. The male model is Noam Tur.[[wysiwyg_imageupload:800:]]Don’t all hippies look like this?[[wysiwyg_imageupload:801:]]”Roswell” — nice touch.  

Karl Rove Gets a Divorce

From Politico: Karl Rove, former senior adviser to President George W. Bush, has been granted a divorce in Texas after 24 years of marriage, family spokeswoman Dana Perino said. “Karl …..

Grandpa Gene Storms the Beaches

It won’t make anyone’s best-of-2009 list, but I got a snort out of this ad for — featuring Ryan Cutrona, the actor who played dotty Grandpa Gene in Mad Men.

Brooke Mueller 911 Call: AUDIO

The LA Times has the audio of the 911 call made by Brooke Mueller to Aspen police on Christmas Day. Mueller tells cops later that her husband, actor Charlie Sheen, has a knife and that she feared for her life. Later in the call Mueller tells the dispatcher that Sheen is “trying to sneak out the back,” but just then the cops arrive.

Charlie Sheen “Threatened to Kill” His Wife

More details of the Charlie Sheen arrest on Christmas Day have come out. They aren’t pretty:The Aspen Police Department on Monday released the 911 tape in which Brooke Mueller told an emergency dispatcher that Sheen threatened her with a switch-blade knife and that she feared for her life.

Birthday Twins: Paula Poundstone and Patricia Clarkson

Happy 50th birthday to comedian Paula Poundstone and actress Patricia Clarkson.Both were born on 29 December in 1959, about 500 miles apart: Poundstone in Huntsville, Alabama, and Clarkson in New Orleans.[[wysiwyg_imageupload:463:]]

A large purple fuzzy dinosaur with a green vest and a manic, toothy smile

Which Dumb Celebrities Are We Using for Our Dumb Passwords?

Techcrunch just dug up Twitter’s list of 370 banned passwords — the ones so painfully obvious that every newbie uses them. Number 1 on the list is “111111,” for example, and #19 is “abc123.”  It’s alphabetical, so the all-time classic — “password” — is at #241.

The Weekend of the Naked Kennedys

This week’s flap over the JFK naked-women-on-a-yacht photo — the one that turned out to be a big fake — came at an odd time for our family.

Latinos Love Alvin and the Chipmunks

Fox’s “Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel” collected $50.2 million over the weekend and $77.1 million since it debuted Wednesday. Its crowds were 70% families and heavily Latino. “The Squeakquel” also grossed $36.5 million from the 42 foreign markets where it launched. That’s more than twice as much as the first “Alvin” opened to in the same countries in 2007.”Heavily Latino”?

Are These the Worst Colonel Sanders Impersonators Ever?

We came across this archival beauty while adding photos to our profile of Colonel Harlan Sanders. The five men pictured are taking part in a Colonel Sanders lookalike contest held in Beijing, China in 2007.

Happy 82nd Birthday Simon Raven, You Naughty Boy

The death of Simon Raven, at the age of 73 after suffering a stroke, is proof that the devil looks after his own. He ought, by rights, to have died of shame at 30, or of drink at 50.British author Simon Raven was born on this day in 1927 and died in 2001, prompting one of the more colorful obituaries of the decade.

Bikinis, Beer and Crocodile Traps Are a Smart, Sensible Mix

While Americans are playing boring old football and Indians are dabbling in cricket, the Australians have invented a new sport: swimming into baited crocodile traps.It’s possibly not a good idea.The craziness of the stunt is matched only by the wonderful Aussie slang used to describe it:

61 Yards Is a Long Way

Sebastian Janikowski of the Oakland Raiders kicked a 61-yard field goal today. In December. In Cleveland. The NFL has the video.

Bo Gets Left Behind

Bo the dog didn’t make the trip to Hawaii with the rest of the Obama family.Quarantine rules, don’t you know.

Brooke Mueller, Charlie Sheen’s Wife — PHOTOS

Actress Brooke Mueller is the wife of Charlie Sheen, who was arrested yesterday after an alleged domestic incident at a rental home in Aspen, Colorado. Here are some photos of Brooke Mueller:

Merry Christmas from Who2

Happy holidays and a happy new year to all our readers, from editors Paul Hehn and Hans Holznagel, boiler room geniuses Mike Duffy and Ad

Photo of the Day: James Cameron

Director James Cameron promotes his new movie Avatar in Beijing yesterday.More photos of James Cameron >>(Photo credit: WENN)

Celebs As Santa: The Rat Pack

In honor of Peter Lawford’s 25th deathday… the Rat Pack in holiday mode.

Alexa Chung’s Show Is Doomed

Vogue may love Alexa Chung, but MTV is dropping her show. Whatever happens, please don’t put her on The View. She deserves better.

Sean Goldman Reunited With Father

A boy taken to a foreign country by his mother, who dies. A father who wants to bring the boy back to their original home.It’s the Elian Gonzalez case, right? The one about the Cuban boy that sparked such bitter outrage in America and lost Florida (and the 2000 elections) for Al Gore?

Happy 65th Birthday, General Wesley Clark

Happy 65th birthday to General Wesley Clark, the commander who led NATO forces to victory in Kosovo in 1999. He was a Democratic candidate for president in 2004. And he …..

‘Balloon Boy’ Parents Float Off to Jail

90 days and 20 days behind bars: that’s what’s ahead for Richard and Mayumi Heene, the perpetrators of the Balloon Boy hoax in Colorado.Judge Stephen Schapanski handed down the sentences this morning as Richard Heene “choked back tears” in the courtroom.

Photo of Mister Ed

Connie Hines of ‘Mister Ed’ is Dead – PHOTOS

[Editor’s note 2016: Most of the text of this post about the death of actress Connie Hines was deleted by accident in a 2015 technical revamp of Who2. Sorry! But we’ve left the photos …..

Rapper T.I. Gets Out of Jail Almost

Rapper T.I. (born Clifford Harris) was released from jail Tuesday and sent to a halfway house, where he’ll serve the remainder of a one-year sentence he began on weapons charges back in May.

The Shortest ‘Avatar’ Review Ever

Paul Hehn reviews the new James Cameron film Avatar:It’s Ferngully meets Pocahontas, story-wise. Visually it’s terrific and I’m very glad I saw it on the big screen.You could say it’s a grand feast of a movie, or you could say it was too long. It didn’t *feel* too long, but you can see where there are parts that are unnecessary.Fin!See photos of Avatar >>

Sawyer to Cronkite: In Your Face, Old Man!

It’s not really Sawyer’s fault.  It was Dan Rather who was eager to hop into Cronkite’s anchor chair in 1981.  CBS News, to its shame, forced Cronkite out to keep Rather happy.  (CBS has always claimed that retireme

Ray LaHood Is a God Among Transportation Secretaries

“You know as well as I do that five minutes always extends out to 50 minutes, and almost always to five hours. There’s no such thing as five minutes, never, ever.”That’s transportation secretary Ray LaHood, speaking The Truth about new penalties for airlines who keep customers trapped on grounded planes for three hours or more.

Brittany Murphy: No Foul Play, No Trauma, No Results

Today’s autopsy on the body of actress Brittany Murphy produced no final ruling on her death.  There will be no final ruling as to the cause and manner of death until all of the requested test results have been received and reviewed in context with the autopsy findings. It is anticipated that this process may take approximately 4 to 6 weeks or more.Anatomical findings show no evidence of trauma to the body.

Confounding Letter of the Day

This email just in from a Who2 user, in its entirety:Re: Your bio of Mrs. Camilla (nee Shand) Parker Bowles. Camilla is not actually a wife of Prince Charles. Rather what you saw on television with Camilla and her younger chum Diana Spencer was Prince Charles, an already married man, giving into ransom demands of persons who had abducted his wife.

Brittany Murphy’s Father is a “Retired Mobster”

The Los Angeles Times got a very odd quote last night from the father of actress Brittany Murphy.Reached at his home in northern Florida, Murphy’s father, Angelo Bertolotti, said he learned of her death Sunday morning from his son (Murphy’s half brother), who read it on the Internet.

Julie Delpy Turns 40

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:1219:]]Ethereal actress Julie Delpy turns 40 years old today. That’s Delpy at center above, with her parents at the 2007 Edinburgh Film Festival. Here’s a slighly more glam shot from the 2005 Academy Awards:More photos of Julie Delpy >>

Brittany Murphy: “My Heart Would Explode”

LA station KTLA digs up digs up an eerie Brittany Murphy quote from the past: In 2005 the actress faced questions about her apparent weight loss and conjecture that it …..

Brittany Murphy Dead — Morning Update

Brittany Murphy “began vomiting early Sunday morning and told family members she was feeling very ill,” according to TMZ. The gossip site says Murphy was “taking prescription meds for flu-like …..

Brittany Murphy’s Career in PHOTOS

Actress Brittany Murphy died this morning at age 32. Here are some selected photos of Brittany Murphy from her career.

Brittany Murphy Dead; Cardiac Arrest Blamed

Brittany Murphy is dead.  The actress, who got her break in Clueless and played rough-around-the-edges chums and lovers in films like 8 Mile and Sin City, died this morning at age 32.

Kevin Jonas: Impure in the Driven Snow

The purity ring came off for Kevin Jonas yesterday as he married Danielle Delesea at Oheka Castle, a “109,000-square-foot estate in Cold Spring Harbor.”

Where’s Buzz? At the Costco in Marina Del Ray!

Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin signs copies of his book ‘Magnificient Desolation’ at Costco in Marina Del Ray, California on Saturday. (One in a series!)

Happy 10th Deathday, Desmond “Q” Llewelyn

Desmond Llewelyn, the actor who played gadget wizard ‘Q’ in James Bond films for nearly four decades, died 10 years ago today — at age 85 in a head-on crash …..

Bernie Madoff in Prison

According to a story in the Wall Street Journal this week, notorious financier and convicted swindler Bernie Madoff is just like any other inmate at North Carolina’s Butner Federal Correctional Complex.LIke every other federal prisoner there, he wears inmate khakis, works at various jobs, has a roomie named Frank and, according to a recently released inmate, doesn’t give a tinker’s cuss what his victims think.

Sarah Palin Quits… Vacation

Last night former Alaskan governor Sarah Palin announced she was quitting again, only this time she’s giving up her Hawaiian vacation, not an elected office.

Celebs With Santa: George Clooney

George Clooney with an unsettling Santa in Germany.  See more photos of George Clooney >>

Celebs with Santa: David Carradine

David Carradine and his family with Santa Claus at Hollywood Santa’s Parade in Los Angeles on 30 November 2008.  Carradine died in June of 2009.See more photos of David Carradine >>

More Bad News for Courtney Love

Just last weekend rock ‘n’ tabloid star Courtney Love lost legal custody of Frances Bean Cobain, her 17 year-old daughter by Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain.Custody went to members of Kurt’s surviving family (he killed himself in 1994).Now a judge has issued a temporary order barring Courtney Love from contacting Frances or her new guardians.

Tiger Woods: A $500 Million Divorce?

The New York Post, without citing its source, says Elin Nordegren may seek as much as $500 million from Tiger Woods if she divorces the golfer.

Roy Disney, 1930-2009

Roy E. Disney, the nephew of Walt Disney, has died at the age of 79.His father, Roy, co-founded the Disney Company with Walt.  BoingBoing has the story and related links.Just yesterday was the anniversary of Walt’s death. He died 43 years ago, in 1966. 

Happy 20th Deathday, Lee Van Cleef!

Lee Van Cleef, the nine-fingered master of the sidelong Western sneer, died 20 years ago today.Had he lived, he’d be 84 years old now.

Playbill: Today in Theatre History

Playwright, actor and songwriter Noel Coward was born 110 years ago today. Coward made his debut on Broadway in 1925, appearing in his own play The Vortex. You can learn more at this Playbill feature, Today in Theatre History.

Heather Graham Spotted in London Without Carrot Top – PHOTOS

And thank heavens.Last week we saluted her appearance at the DVD release party for The Hangover, where she was joined for a frightening moment by comedian Carrot Top.This week she’s in London for the launch of the new Sherlock Holmes feature.  She doesn’t appear to be jet-lagged.  Heather Graham photos follow.

You Will Pay $14.50 to See One of These Six People in the Year 2013

Memorize these names: Lauren Ash, Shelly Gossman, Anthony LeBlanc, Brad Morris, Andy St. Clair and Emily Wilson.In the year 2013 you’ll fork over $14.50 for a ticket to see one of them in a goofy 18-34 demographic comedy. Or you’ll watch two of them launch a catch-phrase on Saturday Night Live.

Oral Roberts is Dead

Christian evangelist and television star Oral Roberts has died at the age of 91.According to this report, he was admitted to the hospital over the weekend, after taking a fall at his home.

‘Steely Dan at its Very Best’

Dang it, I can’t believe I missed this year’s Steely Dan tour.Come to Cincinnati next time, boys.

Rober Ebert Loves ‘Avatar’

Roger Ebert’s weekend review was a full-on rave for James Cameron’s new film.Once again, [Cameron] has silenced the doubters by simply delivering an extraordinary film. There is still at least one man in Hollywood who knows how to spend $250 million, or was it $300 million, wisely.It takes a hell of a lot of nerve for a man to stand up at the Oscarcast and proclaim himself King of the World. James Cameron just got re-elected.

Murdered for Speaking Esperanto

Ludwig L. Zamenhof — the inventor of the “universal” language known as Esperanto — was born on this day 150 years ago.

Photo Quickies: Frances Bean Cobain

As noted earlier, rock star Courtney Love has given up custody of her daughter, Frances Bean Cobain.Frances is 17. (She was not quite two when her father, Kurt Cobain, died in 1994.)  Here are a few quick shots provided by our friends at WENN:[[wysiwyg_imageupload:445:]]

Courtney Love Gives Up Custody of Her Daughter

Rock star and actress Courtney Love has given up legal custody of her daughter, Frances Bean Cobain, according to this story from E! Online.According to court documents filed December 11th, Wendy O’Connor and Kimberly Dawn Cobain were appointed temporary co-guardians of Frances, who is 17 years old (she doesn’t turn 18 until August of next year).

Why ‘Christmas in Connecticut’ is my New Favorite Holiday Movie

I haven’t had a favorite holiday movie for quite a few years.The flaws and freaky moral messages of It’s a Wonderful Life have already been picked over like the carcass of the Christmas goose — no need to go into them here.  Holiday Inn I can’t enjoy because of my irrational anger that so many people mistake the lamentable pseudo-sequel White Christmas for the original.

PHOTOS of Kaiane Aldorino, Miss World 2009

We’ve just added a new profile of Kaiane Aldorino, the newly-crowned Miss World 2009.  She won the title last night in South Africa.She also won the “Miss World Beach Beauty” portion of the pageant — that is to say, the swimsuit competition.  Here’s her winning pose:

Prince William, Shadow King?

The BBC News reports that Buckingham Palace is dismissing the claim that Queen Elizabeth is passing some royal duties on to Prince William, her 27 year-old grandson.

Somewhere, Ann Landers is Spinning In Her Grave

Ask Ashley, the New York Post’s new advice column, is hosted by none other than Ashley Dupré — the prostitute who brought down New York Governor Eliot Spitzer.Her first question, from Meredith in Queens: “How do I know if my daughter may be in trouble?”  Lady, you’ve come to the right place.See our full profile of Ashley Dupré.

The People Who Ruined the Decade

 [[wysiwyg_imageupload:156:]]The Guardian has created an exhaustive list of its People Who Ruined the Decade.  Among their miscreants:Actress Jessica Simpson (“she made stupid ‘sexy'”) Politican Al Gore (invented the “downer-documentary”) 

How Did Tiger Keep His Secrets?

How was it possible for Tiger Woods, among the world’s most scrutinized professional athletes, to keep his infidelity secret for so long?

Snoop Dogg on TomTom GPS

Makers of celebrity-voiced navigation software VoiceSkins have announced the addition of rapper Snoop Dogg (born Cordozar Broadus) to their list of famous voices for the TomTom GPS.

Woman, 98, Accused of Killing 100-Year-Old Roommate

A 98-year-old woman was indicted Friday on a second-degree murder charge that alleges she strangled her 100-year-old nursing home roommate after making the victim’s life “a living hell” because she thought the woman was “taking over the room.”It happened in a nursing home in sleepy New Bedford, Massachusetts.

Heather Graham’s Mom is a Poet

We’ve just completed a profile of actress Heather Graham. (A gapper — we should have had her long ago.)[[wysiwyg_imageupload:465:]]Turns out that Graham’s mother, Joan Bransfield Graham, is a children’s poet who specializes in fun and educational verse. Here’s her poem for children titled “Popsicle”:

Heather Graham Rocks the ‘Hangover’ Release Party

What if they gave a release party and nobody came?They did throw a release party for The Hangover at Caesars Palace last night, but stars Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis couldn’t quite make it.

The Decade’s Most Irresistable Singles

Kelly Clarkson’s “Since U Been Gone” is the #1 single of the 00s, says Sarah Rodman of The Boston Globe. Lady GaGa and Eminem also make the list.

Mark Sanford’s Good News, Bad News Week

South Carolina governor Mark Sanford had an interesting week.First he got the good news that he was not going to face impeachment. Instead, a legislative panel decided a firm rebuke would be enough punishment for his transgressions earlier in the year — namely, for when he disappeared for a few days to go see his non-wife “soul mate” in Argentina.Then he got the bad news that his wife of 20 years, Jenny Sanford, had filed for divorce, citing his adulterous affair as grounds.


Great stuff!  See more Avatar images>>

The 10 Greatest Adventure Biographies

Outside magazine has a feature on “The 10 Greatest Adventure Biographies,” a list that includes books on Henry Morton Stanley, George Mallory (pictured) and Ernest Shackleton.Their big list comes with brief reviews of the books and backgrounds on all the adventurers. 

David Lynch on George Lucas

In this brief video film director David Lynch tells the story of when George Lucas offered him the job of directing Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.

Book Your Place in Space

Wild man and entrepreneur Richard Branson of Virgin Airlines unveiled his newest space ship this week in California, a passenger craft called the Virgin Enterprise.According to the Virgin Galactice site, flights into space are scheduled to begin in 2011. For a couple of hundred thousand dollars you can spend a couple of hours in space — without having to become an astronaut.

Happy 62nd Birthday, Douglas Kenney

Jeepers, it’s hard to believe that Doug Kenney would still be only 62 today.He was 32 when he fell from a cliff in Hawaii in 1980, possibly under odd circumstances. But by then he had already founded National Lampoon magazine, launched the stage show Lemmings, and co-written the films Animal House and Caddyshack. Those two films, nothing more than larks at the time, have since become landmarks of the Early Ironic Age.

John Kascht Draws Giuliani

Caricature artist John Kascht draws and talks about the face of former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani in a very entertaining video, found here.Kascht also draws and talks in other videos about Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and others (links go to our profiles, not those videos).

Senator Hatch’s “Hip Hop” Hanukkah

United States senator Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) has a sideline as a songwriter, specializing in love songs and Christian spirituals.According to this article in Tablet (“A New Read on Jewish Life”), Senator Hatch recently wrote a pip of a Hanukkah song to add to his musical catalog, a song called “Eight Days of Hanukkah” (catchy title).

Paris Hilton is to Blame for California’s Abandoned Chihuahua Epidemic

California has a Chihuahua problem:In what appears to be strictly a California phenomenon, Golden State animal shelters have been deluged with Chihuahuas. The trembling, pop-eyed canines have replaced pit bulls as the dogs most likely to turn up at the pound.”A couple years ago if a little one came in it’d be adopted before it touched the ground,” said Kate O’Connor, director of the Berkeley shelter.

Susan Boyle, Before and After

The Daily Mail has a nice (if brief) piece on Susan Boyle, including the before-and-after photo above.And how’s the new album going for her?

Lady GaGa Meets the Queen

Sideshow chanteuse Lady GaGa met Queen Elizabeth II last night after the Royal Variety Performance in Blackpool, England.God bless the Queen in these situations. Nothing fazes her. She’s seen it all.

The Gambler Who Lost $127 Million In One Year

Jeepers, what a story. Terrence Watanabe blew $127 million in a “year-long gambling binge at the Caesars Palace and Rio casinos in 2007,” according to The Wall Street Journal.

The Red Baron’s Death Certificate

The official death certificate of World War I ace pilot Manfred Richthofen has turned up in the Polish town of Ostrow Wielkopolski.Richthofen was one of the most famous aviators of the 20th century.A German fighter pilot, he was known as “The Red Baron” to the English because of the color of his plane. The English were quite familiar with his work: by the time Richthofen was shot down in 1918 he’d been credited with 80 kills..

Ambulance Responds to 911 Call at Tiger Woods’ Home

“As if this couldn’t get more bizarre.” That’s how a local TV reporter describes this morning’s incident at Tiger Woods’ home near Orlando, Florida. A 911 call was made at 2:30 am (!), and an ambulance “rushed” an unidentified woman to a local hospital — the same hospital where Woods went after his accident 10 days ago.

‘Sully’ Sullenberger’s Pilot Hat Up for Sale

A pilot’s hat owned for years by Sully Sullenberger, the “hero of the Hudson,” is up for auction on Ebay.Proceeds will benefit two schools in the San Francisco Bay area, where Sullenberger lives when he’s not piloting engineless planes to safety in major waterways.

Iron Man 2: No More Bloated Naffness!

The Guardian is worried about Iron Man 2:A tangled love story? Too many villains? A hero struggling with his demons? Unless I’m mistaken, that sounds just like Spider-Man 3 — a superhero movie legendary in its bloated naffness.

Tiger Woods Mistress Number What?

Oh, heck. We lost count after three. But if you want to keep up with what now seems like the hourly tally of women claiming to have had fun with Tiger Woods, you can go to this story from the New York Daily News.

Birthdays for Musical Opposites

Aaron Carter and his twin sister Angel turn 22 today.Tom Waits turns 60.Safe to say they won’t be sharing a birthday concert stage anytime soon.Other entertainers who turn 60 this month: Jeff Bridges (December 4th), Don Johnson (the 15th) and on Christmas Day, Sissy Spacek.

Is Nelson Mandela Losing His Memory?

(Published December 7, 2009)Is Nelson Mandela losing his mental capacities — and is it being kept quiet? Bill Keller’s feature on the movie Invictus (with Morgan Freeman as Mandela) drops this odd nugget in passing:

5 Celebrity Christmas Songs I Never Want to Hear Again (But Undoubtedly Will)

And now for a little touch of Scrooge. Here are five celebrity Christmas songs I wish would just go away.Merry Christmas (War is Over) by John LennonIt starts out strong enough (“And so this is Christmas…”) but has there ever been a dopier lyric than “Let’s make it a good one / Without any fear”? God bless John Lennon and all, but this is not his strongest effort. Toss in the piercing kiddie backup voices, and this gets my vote for the most irritating holiday song ever.

“May Impair Your Thinking”

The latest rumors have Tiger Woods taking the sleeping pill Ambien, either the night of his accident or at select other times.

Zen (and Jen) and the Art of Process Serving

Jennifer Aniston was served with legal papers hidden in a bouquet last night.The evening ended on a sour note when Aniston left the Sunset Towers Hotel and was served with legal papers hidden in a basket of flowers, telling her she was to be a witness in a sexual harassment suit involving her agent, Todd Shemarya.I’ve always been a little confounded by the strange dance that is process serving.

A Lot of Money for a Busted Typewriter

That old, beat-up typewriter belonging to Cormac McCarthy, the author of The Road and No Country for Old Men, ended up selling at auction for $254,500 — way, way, way more than anyone predicted.The New York Times has the story here. The article is worth reading — there’s a great quote from the book dealer who handled the auction.

Derek Jeter is Your Sportsman of the Year

If “you” are Sports Illustrated, that is. Still, he deserves it! SI has a nice gentlemanly interview with Jeter, too. SI: Curt Schilling said that he remembers the way you …..

The First Church of Tiger Woods

The First Church of Tiger Woods is no more. Well, it’s still there, but it’s been changed to The Damnation of Tiger Woods by it’s founder, “Pastor” John Ziegler. That’s one endorsement that greatest-golfer Tiger Woods has lost since his “transgressions” with (who knows how many) women who don’t happen to be Elin Nordegren, his wife.

The Remarkably Long Legs of Rihanna

Singer Rihanna, performing at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City last night, behind her new album Rated R.This long legs thing is becoming a meme.More Rihanna photos.

Message Received: Rihanna is Edgy

Singer Rihanna’s four album titles so far:Music of the Sun (2005)A Girl Like Me (2006)Good Girl Gone Bad (2007)Rated R (2009)She seems to be getting gloomier as she goes. Rated R includes her new hit single “Russian Roulette.”Look, she’s great, but forgive us if we yawn just a teensy bit at the well-worn path to professional “edginess.” But OK: we had her all wrong. Rihanna is a dangerous bad girl. Oh, dear.

The Wisecracker Suite

An annual tradition: The President lights the national Christmas tree, and reporters bring on the nyuks.I count at least eight wisecracks in that LA Times post (“allegedly green”… “BlackBerry loving”… “aging Vice President”… “Watson, come here”… “unable to resist”… “Warning”… “obese, seasonally employed”… “wasting precious electrical energy”). Not bad for eight short paragraphs.

Fab Weekend With John and Yoko

My friend Gary has a terrific little story about when he met John Lennon and Yoko Ono in 1971. He tells it in this YouTube video that uses footage shot by filmmaker Jonas Mekas.Although Gary doesn’t mention it, I’m pretty sure you can also see poet Allen Ginsberg in some of these shots.Thanks, Gary!

Rachel Uchitel Owes Las Vegas $1345

Rachel Uchitel caused a traffic accident last week from 1000 miles away, or so we’re told.Turns out she had a few of her own traffic issues during her years as a nightclub hostess in Las Vegas — and one of them has gone unpaid to the tune of $1345.

Jesper to Elin: Next Time, Use the Driver

Jesper Parnevik had a few choice words about fellow golfer Tiger Woods in a conversation with The Golf Channel on Wednesday.

For Congress: The Steel Butterfly

A former first lady of The Philippines, Imelda Marcos has filed as a candidate for congress for the Ilocos Norte district. Back when she was the wife of President Ferdinand Marcos she was known as the “Steel Butterfly,” presumably because of her determination and not because she drank nectar.It’s a congressional seat that’s being vacated by her son, Ferdinand Marcos, Jr., who is running for a senate seat.

Happy Birthday, Britney

Hey, we almost forgot — remember Britney Spears? Of course you do. She’s still among the most-searched-for celebrities on the internet (or does that mean people don’t remember her?).Today is Britney’s 28th birthday. MTV is celebrating by showing this video for “3”, which, oddly enough, features Britney Spears, extra dancers, skimpy outfits and a whole lot of gyratin’.

Cormac McCarthy’s Typewriter

We interrupt the saga of Tiger Woods, Elin Nordegren, Rachel Uchitel and Jaimee Grubbs for some even more exciting news: Cormac McCarthy is auctioning off his beat-up old typewriter!

Jaimee Grubbs PHOTOS

Here are pictures of Jaimee Grubbs, the woman US magazine claims has been a consort of golfer Tiger Woods.

How Old is Jaimee Grubbs?

When was Jaimee Grubbs born? We say 1985.We’re taking US magazine’s word for it here. They say Jaimie Grubbs was 21 years old when (they allege) she began a relationship with golfer Tiger Woods in April of 2007.Now, in December of 2009, they say Grubbs is 24 years old. Doing the math, that gives her a moment of birth between April and December of 1985.

Wikipedia and Jaimee Grubbs

Wikipedia has no profile of Jaimee Grubbs so far.Which is interesting, because a few days ago we noted that Wikipedia had no profile of Rachel Uchitel, either. (She was the first to be connected to Tiger Woods in a hubba-hubba way, in case you’re keeping score.) In that case, a (admirably) high-minded Wikipedia editor said “We are not here to repeat National Enquirer rumours.”

“More ‘Tiger Ladies’ Show Up on Scorecard”

If nothing else, the Tiger Woods fracas is a field day for headline writers.This particular piece suggests that Jaimee Grubbs was paid $100,000 by US magazine to talk about her alleged affair with Woods.

Jaimee Grubbs: Probably Not Good News for Tiger Woods

It’s shameful, but we appear to be experiencing Tiger Woods schadenfreude. He doesn’t really deserve our “misfortune joy” — who does? — though his own schadenFräulein seem to be causing the problem.

Tiger’s Traffic Ticket: $164

Tiger Woods has been cited for reckless driving in his post-Thanksgiving brouhaha.The penalty? A ticket for $164, plus four points on his driving record. No further charges will be filed.”Mr. Wood’s status [as a celebrity] impacted in no way” how troopers handled the investigation, Florida Highway Patrol spokeswoman Sgt. Kim Montes said.Woods’ attorney Mark NeJame said the decision was good news.

Obama’s Speech on Afghanistan: TRANSCRIPT

Here’s the transcript of Barack Obama’s speech on Afghanistan tonight.Saying “Afghanistan is not lost,” Obama said he will send another 30,000 American troops to Afghanistan ASAP.