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Does Charlie Sheen Prove Randy Quaid’s Theory on Star Whackers?

Yesterday Radar Online featured this “bizarre audio” of a statement by actor Randy Quaid.
Quaid explains his (and his wife’s) strange behavior of the last few months as his attempt to get himself free of shadowy group of accountants and lawyers he calls “a malignant tumor of star whackers in Hollywood.”

Edith Head, Happy Birthday!

If you were on a deserted desert island, and the only way to get off was to think about Hollywood’s most famous fashion designer, wouldn’t you think of Head? Of course you would. Edith Head is easily the most famous costume designer in Hollywood history. And today is her birthday.
She costumed more than a thousand films (11 of them for Alfred Hitchcock, and she won 8 Oscars over a career that spanned sixty years.
In her honor, here are a few videos:

Frank Zappa on Steve Allen

Here’s a very young (and clean-cut) Frank Zappa on the old Steve Allen show.
Even though Steve Allen is clearly mocking Frank for being a “bicycle player” (which is what this clip is about), it’s good to remember that Steve Allen was with-it enough to invite Zappa to appear.
Frank Zappa, for his part, is very cool and very clever.

Hillary Clinton, Happy Birthday!

Hillary Clinton turns 63 today. Happy birthday, Madam Secretary of State!
What a career she’s had. Working for the U.S. Congress, she helped put the screws to President Richard Nixon in 1974. She was the First Lady of Arkansas for twelve years. She stayed married to that guy in the White House and was First Lady of the United States for eight years. She was a U.S. senator for the state of New York for about eight years.

Mister Rogers Wasn’t a Sniper, But Dr. Ruth Was???

File this under “weird but true.”Cuddly children’s TV host Mister Rogers was never an Army sniper, despite the rumors over the years. Neither was cuddly, bespectacled singer John Denver.

A Robert Bork Biography

Mr. Hehn has posted a new biography of Robert Bork.

Today’s Movie Trailer is in German

Here, from the German version of Fox Home Entertainment, is a trailer auf Deutsch for Gansgster für eine Nacht, starring Steve Carell and Tina Fey.
You may also know it as Date Night.

Conan O’Brien’s Live Webcam

Over at Team Coco on YouTube you can see a live video feed from the offices of Conan O’Brien.
Of course, it’s boring. So we’ve created a brief sample:

Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill: The Shame of It All

So Ginny Thomas — wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas — called Anita Hill this week, out of the blue, to ask for an apology.  The transcript of the phone message:

Manolo “Bud” Blahnik Steps Out

Ever wonder what shoe purveyor Manolo Blahnik of Sex and the City fame looks like?  Us either.  But here he was last night in London, at a launch party for Bryan Ferry’s new album Olympia.

Randy Quaid Skips His Court Hearing

Jiminy, it’s hard to keep up with the antics of actor Randy Quaid. He and his wife, Evi Quaid, have been tearing up the west coast on the lamest crime spree in modern history — trashing hotels, messing with the landlord and now missing another court date.

Barbara Billingsley Speaks Jive

I didn’t know that the late Barbara Billingsley was the “I speak jive” lady from the 1980 comedy Airplane.

Chandra Levy Trial Begins, Nine Years Later

Washington DC intern Chandra Levy disappeared in 2001, and her remains were found the next year in Rock Creek Park.  The sensational case ended the political career of Rep.

Minka Kelly Biography

Mr. Hehn has posted a new biography of Minka Kelly. 

Oh, Dear: Adam Sandler Dressed Like a Girl

Perhaps it shouldn’t be that much of a surprise, but Adam Sandler is dressing like a girl for his next movie, Jack and Jill.  Sandler plays both title parts, it seems, as a family man who struggles with a twin sister who comes for vacation and

happy birthday, E.E. Cummings

Today is the anniversary of the birth of New England poet E.E. Cummings. He was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1894.
The wonderful UbuWeb sound catalog includes two poems read by E.E. Cummings:
That Melancholy

The Man Dick Cheney Shot

There is a story in the Washington Post called Since Dick Cheney shot him, Harry Whittington’s aim has been to move on.

It’s about the man who was shot in the face in February of 2006 by Vice President Dick Cheney. No, not on the Senate floor — on a quail hunt in Texas.

“We Have Lived a Magical Night”

“We have lived a magical night, a night we will remember throughout our
lives, a night in which life defeated death.”Last year it was the Miracle of the Hudson — this year it’s the Miracle of the Mine.  All 33 Chilean miners are safe and sound. 

Jenn Sterger: The Video That Started It All

Jenn Sterger is the woman tangled up in the Brett Favre brouhaha. (Favre allegedly sent her naughty photos when both worked for the New York Jets, though Sterger herself isn’t the one making the allegations.)

The First Chilean Miners are Out!

Florencio Avalos was the first out at 4:11 am GMT (12:11 am in Chile) on Wednesday morning. “Los 33” are coming out at about the rate of one per hour.The Guardian is live-blogging.

Combing Out Russell Brand’s Beard: PHOTOS

From time to time our friends at WENN send us photos of the latest statue at Madame Tussaud’s waxworks in London.  The shots of staff members touching things up never quite get old, somehow.

The Family Circus Movie: Who Will Direct?

It’s true: 20th Century Fox has bought the rights for a live-action feature film based on the comic strip The Family Circus.Jennifer Love Hewitt should be a lock to play Thel, but the real question is: who’s going to direct?  Let’s explore the possibilities, starting with this real-life Family Circus cartoon:

How Chile Will Get Its Miners Out

The CBC reports on the planned procedure and on the surprisingly large escape capsule (left).  Why so big? 

“Know What Mr. Peanut’s First Name Is?”

From a 2008 interview of Mad Men star Jon Hamm, conducted by fellow actor Paul Rudd:PR: Who’s your favorite cartoon potato-chip mascot?JH: The guy on the Pringles can. He looks like an old-time
shopkeeper, but he’s made of potato chips. If he got in a fight with Mr. Peanut and Mr. Salty, who do you think would come out on top?PR: Can Mr. Peanut use his cane as a weapon?JH: Absolutely.

Barack Obama: The Rolling Stone Interview

Where has this sharp, feisty, straight-talking guy been for the last two years?  He’s been so far offstage, I wasn’t sure he was even still in the theater.Here’s the Rolling Stone Barack Obama cover, by Mark Seliger.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Happy Birthday and Happy Retirement

Nobel Peace Prize laureate Desmond Tutu turns 79 today, and he announced his retirement from public life.

That doesn’t mean he’ll stop working altogether. He still has a peace center to run, after all. Archbishop Tutu said he’ll be giving up his university position and stop giving interviews. He plans to spend more time with his wife.

Charles Rocket +5

Charles Rocket, the former TV news anchor who joined the cast of Saturday Night Live only to be fired in 1981, killed himself five years ago today.Some think Rocket was a victim of the Saturday Night Live curse.

Keanu Not Sad Over Sad Keanu

During an interview with New York magazine, actor and struggling musician Keanu Reeves was told about the “Sad Keanu” meme on the internet.

Robert DeNiro in “Manual Love 3”?

Robert De Niro and Monica Bellucci stroll on the set of Manual Love 3 yesterday in Rome.  At least, our friends at WENN identify the title as “Manual Love 3,” which sounds not-quite-right.

Prince William, Rescue Pilot

Prince William — “Flight Leftenant Wales” as he’s called in this video — has participated in his first rescue mission.Pulled a heart attack victim off a gas rig.

The Japanese Remake of ‘Ghost’

Thanks to this bit from, we now have an idea of what the Japanese remake of the cheesy ’80s movie Ghost will be like. Looks like extra cheese.

Edward “Nino” Hernandez Video

From Diagonal U.K., a video of the world’s shortest man, Edward “Nino” Hernandez, in Bogota, Colombia (the video spells the country’s name wrong):

Janis Joplin +40

Rock and blues singer Janis Joplin died on this day in 1970.

On This Spot, Diana Rigg Was Tied to Tiny Railway Tracks

Yes, Diana Rigg was once tied to a miniature railroad track.Courtesy of Wikipedia comes this lovely nameplate from the Stapleford Miniature Railway. The episode was “The Gravediggers.”  The Avengers Forever website notes:

‘I Married a Mad Man’

I Married a Mad Man — a 2009 article by the wife of ad man Draper Daniels, the guy who Don Draper was supposedly, partly, modeled after.

Elvis Presley in the Army

We see that the U.S. Army has a special page in its FAQ for the question, “What is the history of Elvis Presley’s military career?”

Angelina Jolie: An Unsettling Portrait

This portrait of Angelina Jolie on a visit to the uncanny valley just arrived in our mailbox from a Who2 user named Rajacenna. 

Stephen Cannell, 1941-2010

TV writer and producer Stephen Cannell has died at age 69. He co-created The Rockford Files, that wonderful 1970s detective show starring James Garner, along with The A-Team, Baretta (back …..

Zach Galifiankis Moments

Thanks to for this collection of Funniest Moments: Zach Galifianakis.
It includes clips from his stand-up routine, TV appearances and his newest movie, It’s Kind of a Funny Story.
See our profile on Zach Galifianakis.

Jesse Eisenberg, Who Are You?

The David Fincher film The Social Network opened this week. The star of the movie, playing Facebook man Mark Zuckerberg, is an actor named Jesse Eisenberg.I kept thinking “who the heck is Jesse Eisenberg?” I looked up his filmography. I have some thoughts on the matter.

The Julie Andrews Three-Quarter-Century

Wow: Julie Andrews is 75 years old today. That’s her above on Broadway in My Fair Lady in 1956, just 54 short years ago.