Monthly Archive: March 2012

Photo from 'Shepard Fairey Off to Jail?'

Shepard Fairey Off to Jail?

 Shepard Fairey is guilty of contempt of court. Prosecutors are pushing for jail time. He’ll be sentenced in July.

Photo from 'Hey Hey! We're Smarter Than Jeffrey Toobin!'

Hey Hey! We’re Smarter Than Jeffrey Toobin!

Veteran legal analysts are shocked, shocked that the Supreme Court’s conservatives are shooting down a Democratic health care plan. Yet we predicted it last week.

Photo from 'Hoodie Hubbub a Geraldo Highlight'

Hoodie Hubbub a Geraldo Highlight

A joke — how can you tell when Geraldo Rivera is saying something stupid? His lips are moving. Oh, and he put it on Twitter.

Photo from 'Don Draper Biography: Updated!'

Don Draper Biography: Updated!

Don Draper is back for the fifth season of Mad Men. We’ve got his bio, plus quotes.

Photo from 'Watergate History: John Dean and Richard Nixon'

Watergate History: John Dean and Richard Nixon

 John Dean had an important meeting with President Richard Nixon on 21 March 1973 — 39 years ago — and it marked beginning of the end to Nixon’s presidency.

Photo from 'History and Band Names'

History and Band Names

 From History Today, a list of famous bands named for historical people or events.

Photo from 'Jim Halpert Stars in 'The Hunger Games''

Jim Halpert Stars in ‘The Hunger Games’

Funny how all the hype about The Hunger Games doesn’t even mention that it stars Jim Halpert from The Office. That’s who that is, right?

Photo from 'Peyton Manning Goes to Denver'

Peyton Manning Goes to Denver

NFL quarterback Peyton Manning is going to the Denver Broncos, they say. What will happen to Tim Tebow?

Photo from 'Kate Middleton's First Speech'

Kate Middleton’s First Speech

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, made her first public speech since getting married to Prince William last year. Watch all two and a half minutes of it.

Photo from 'Gillian Anderson's XX Files'

Gillian Anderson’s XX Files

 In the newest issue of Out magazine, X-Files star Gillian Anderson talks about her career, but it’s her mention of romances with women that got the attention.

Photo from 'Jack Ruby's Death Sentence'

Jack Ruby’s Death Sentence

Jack Ruby was sentenced to death on 14 March 1964 for killing Lee Harvey Oswald, the man who had killed President John F. Kennedy. That was Ruby’s first trial.

Photo from 'Kyle Lambert's Toy Shining'

Kyle Lambert’s Toy Shining

Artist Kyle Lambert’s iPad paintings that mash up The Shining with Toy Story are again making the rounds.

Photo from 'Shriver, Schwarzenegger and Ski Accidents'

Shriver, Schwarzenegger and Ski Accidents

Patrick Schwarzenegger — that is, Patrick Shriver — posted this photo of himself after a skiing accident and scared celebrity watchers, but it’s okay now.

Photo from 'Comics Great Moebius is Dead'

Comics Great Moebius is Dead

 French artist Jean Giraud, who went by the name Moebius, died 10 March 2012. He was 73 years old.

Photo from 'Johnny Depp is Tonto'

Johnny Depp is Tonto

Yes, that’s him with the wings. He’s playing the Old West’s most famous sidekick in a new movie next year.

Photo from 'Renaissance Art With a Stapler'

Renaissance Art With a Stapler

Artist Baptiste Debombourg created these giant “paintings” by putting staples in a wall. About half a million of them. 

Photo from 'Theft of 900 Year-Old Heart Rocks Dublin'

Theft of 900 Year-Old Heart Rocks Dublin

Maybe it didn’t exactly rock Dublin, but Christ Church Cathedral had a break-in over the weekend. The thief made away with just one item: a 900 year-old heart.