Monthly Archive: May 2012

Photo from 'The Mess Called John Edwards'

The Mess Called John Edwards

 A trial full of crazy lies ends in a mostly hung jury in the John Edwards trial. It was too hard to sift through the parade of shameless acts to determine what was actually against the law.

Photo from 'New Bush Portraits Unveiled'

New Bush Portraits Unveiled

President Barack Obama hosted former President George W. Bush and former First Lady Laura Bush to the White House, where new portraits of the two were unveiled.

Photo from '1962: The Year in Movies'

1962: The Year in Movies

 The movie industry brought in $1.6 billion in revenue in 1962. What were the big movies half a century ago?

Photo from 'Sexy Photos of Gene Autry'

Sexy Photos of Gene Autry

Gene Autry was one of the greatest singing cowboy stars of all time. Going all the way back to the Pliocene Epoch.

Photo from 'Naked Woman on a Hunt for Studs'

Naked Woman on a Hunt for Studs

Knotty situation in a New York lumber store, as a naked woman strolled through the joint.

Photo from 'The White House Inserts Obama Into Bios'

The White House Inserts Obama Into Bios

The White House has added Obama-flavored icing to several of the official biographies of former presidents. Doesn’t that make you furious?

Photo from 'The Convent Crash of 1956'

The Convent Crash of 1956

 May 15 is the anniversary of one of Canada’s worst air crashes, when a convent full of recuperating nuns was blown up by a falling jet fighter.

Photo from 'Cromwell's Cosmetics'

Cromwell’s Cosmetics

 Recent analysis shows that Oliver Cromwell owned pots of fancy scented soaps. Now he’s been branded by the U.K. press as a “metrosexual.”

Photo from 'Oetzi Gives the World's Oldest Blood Sample'

Oetzi Gives the World’s Oldest Blood Sample

 They’ve found a trace of blood on the Oezti Iceman, the mummified 5,300 year-old corpse found in the Alps in 1991. It’s the world’s oldest blood.

Photo from 'Beastie Boys Video Round-up'

Beastie Boys Video Round-up

In honor of the passing of Adam “MCA” Yauch, we’ve gathered a few choice Beastie Boys videos and put them in one spot.

Photo from 'Another Crazy Expensive Painting'

Another Crazy Expensive Painting

A new record was set for a painting sold at auction. The old record was $106.5 million for Picasso’s Eats Chutes and Leaves Nude, Green Leaves and Bust. The new record is $119,922,500.

Photo from 'Happy Birthday, Mr. Potato Head!'

Happy Birthday, Mr. Potato Head!

 They say Mr. Potato Head came out on 1 May 1952. Now a senior citizen, he’s more popular than ever.