Monthly Archive: June 2012

Art Beast Pablo Picasso, The Video

 A 1929 oil painting by Pablo Picasso was defaced in Houston. The act was captured on video, of course!

Andrea Pirlo’s Cheeky Chip to Beat England

Which is cooler: Andrea Pirlo’s right-down-the-middle chip-shot penalty kick for Italy vs. England, or his utter calm as he trots back to midfield after?

Salvador Dali Painting Swiped in New York

 A man walked into a New York art gallery with a shopping bag and walked out with a 1949 Salvador Dali painting. See the man, and watch an old clip of Dali on What’s My Line?

Mel Blanc, The Best in Cartoon Voices

Mel Blanc voiced Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig, Daffy Duck, Yosemite Sam and many other Looney Tune characters. Learn all about him, and watch a short video that could have been titled, “Wanna See Something Gross?”

Happy Birthday, Eric Dolphy!

Jazz great Eric Dolphy was born 20 June 1928. He died in 1964, nine days after his 36th birthday. Listen to some music and see a photo gallery.

Usain Bolt Biography: New!

The three-time Olympic gold medal winner is gearing up for another big meet in London this summer.

Francis Gary Powers Gets a Silver Star

 Fifty years after being released from a Soviet prison, pilot Francis Gary Powers has been posthumously awarded the Silver Star.

Alan Menken Biography: New!

He’s the most-Oscared person alive (sort of) and he just won his first Tony. Do you know him?

Pastor Creflo Dollar Arrested, Denies Charges

 Megachurch pastor Creflo Dollar was arrested on 8 June 2012, accused of slapping and choking his 15 year-old daughter. He says he “never should have been arrested.”

I’ll Have Another Out of the Triple Crown Run

I’ll Have Another, the horse that won the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness, has been pulled out of the Belmont Stakes, ruining the chance for the Triple Crown.

Happy Birthday, Kanye!

Kanye West turns 35 years old on June 8th. To celebrate, here’s our gallery of Kanye stickers by KanyePDX, a sticker graffitt artist — slaptagger — from the Pacific Northwest.

Beatlemania in Hamburg is Kaput

The German museum has had only 150,000 visitors in three years. Is it finally curtains for the Fab Four?

Mr. Rogers Remixed

 Watch this terrific video from PBS Digital Studios of a remixed song featuring the late Mr. Rogers.

Happy Birthday, Dean Martin!

 Happy birthday to Dean Martin, born 7 June 1917. Dino passed away in 1995. Ah, but his music lives on… with video!

The World’s Biggest Children Parade

Portland, Oregon lays claim to the largest children’s parade in the world. I live there. The children aren’t all THAT large, as you can see from these photos.

“Good Job, Good Effort”

As the dejected Miami Heat left the arena after losing to the Boston Celtics, a young fan yelled “Good job! Good effort!” Buzzfeed takes it from there.

Annie Leibovitz’s Pilgrimage

 Famed portrait photographer Annie Leibovitz has a new book and a traveling exhibit — this time without people in the photos.

Gaydar Is Real

Scientists say people can recognize random faces as gay or straight with “significant” accuracy.

Roy Lichtenstein in Chicago

There’s a new exhibit at the Art Institute of Chicago of works by Roy Lichtenstein. See some videos of what’s going on.