Monthly Archive: July 2012

Photo from 'Alex Morgan Biography -- New!'

Alex Morgan Biography — New!

The 23-year-old U.S. Olympic soccer star was also a star in Sports Illustrated earlier this year.

Photo from '#RomneyShambles'


Twitter users are having a ball with Mitt Romney’s trip to London.

Photo from 'Rare Stanley Kubrick Audio Interview'

Rare Stanley Kubrick Audio Interview

 Writer Jeremy Bernstein interviewed Stanley Kubrick in 1965 and 1966, and Kubrick recorded it on tape. Listen.

Photo from 'Bruce Springsteen at 62'

Bruce Springsteen at 62

The New Yorker has a terrific profile of Bruce Springsteen, “We Are Alive” by David Remnick.

Photo from 'Wow: Sally Ride is Dead'

Wow: Sally Ride is Dead

The first American woman in space was only 61 years old.

Photo from 'Chief Joseph's Super-Expensive Poncho'

Chief Joseph’s Super-Expensive Poncho

 At this week’s Coeur d’Alene Art Auction in Reno, Nevada, a “war shirt” that once belonged to Chief Joseph was one of the top-dollar items.

Photo from 'Name This Chest From 1992'

Name This Chest From 1992

We mean “whose chest is this?” — not “I think I’ll dub that chest ‘President Mitt Romney’.”

Photo from 'Black Sitcom Theme Songs'

Black Sitcom Theme Songs

 Some hardworking fan has compiled Native Tongues — “A Cultural History of Black Sitcom Theme Songs.”

Photo from 'James Cagney's Birthday'

James Cagney’s Birthday

Hollywood star Jimmy Cagney was born 17 July 1899. Yes, that’s right — born in 1899.

Photo from 'Hobbits Were Real!'

Hobbits Were Real!

Homo floresiensis was 3’6″ tall and lived 800 million years ago in Middle Earth Indonesia.

Photo from 'Country Star Kitty Wells is Dead'

Country Star Kitty Wells is Dead

She was the first woman to have a top hit in country music. Now Kitty Wells has died in Nashville at the age of 92.

Photo from 'Is Gabriel García Márquez Demented?'

Is Gabriel García Márquez Demented?

Colombian writer Gabriel García Márquez is suffering from advanced dementia, says his brother. But the director of the Márquez Foundation says, naw…Gabo’s just old and has a bad memory.

Photo from 'Brad Pitt's Famous Family'

Brad Pitt’s Famous Family

 That Pitt family! First Brad’s brother makes the news with a funny video, then his mom makes the news with a letter to the editor.

Photo from '25 People Who Played Vampires'

25 People Who Played Vampires

Can you imagine Tom Cruise sucking the life out of someone? He’s one of 25 people in our gallery who’ve played vampires on the big (or little) screen.

Photo from 'Boston Common: Summer'

Boston Common: Summer

Lunchtime at the Frog Pond, with fountains and balloons.

Photo from 'Watch Some Guys Play Marbles'

Watch Some Guys Play Marbles

Shake off those post-Fourth of July blues by watching people play competitive marbles.

Photo from 'Nora Ephron Biography and Photos'

Nora Ephron Biography and Photos

Read about the three Oscar nominations, three marriages and much more in our new biography of the writer and director.