Monthly Archive: September 2012

Photo from 'David Bowie and Labyrinth'

David Bowie and Labyrinth

 Let’s talk about the movie Labyrinth. Let’s talk about behind the scenes of Labyrinth.

Photo from 'Andy Williams is Dead'

Andy Williams is Dead

 Singer and television star Andy Williams has died at the age of 84 from cancer.

Photo from 'Presidents and Corn Mazes'

Presidents and Corn Mazes

 The season for presidential politics meets the season for elaborate corn mazes.

Photo from 'Funny Jennifer Lawrence Interviews'

Funny Jennifer Lawrence Interviews

 The star of The Hunger Games and Winter’s Bone is a comical chatterbox. See these collected clips.

Photo from 'Jonny Quest Debuts, 48 Years Ago!'

Jonny Quest Debuts, 48 Years Ago!

 The 18th of September is the anniversary of the first-ever Jonny Quest episode. It’s his birthday, of sorts.

Photo from 'Lists of Lists of Eccentric People'

Lists of Lists of Eccentric People

 In a world filled with reality TV shows, is it still possible to be famously eccentric? Read about some people who went down in history as eccentrics.

Photo from 'From Amanda Bynes to Sally Struthers'

From Amanda Bynes to Sally Struthers

 Actress Amanda Bynes is in trouble for driving recklessly — again. Meanwhile, actress Sally Struthers is in trouble for driving drunkenly. 

Photo from 'China Miéville Turns 40'

China Miéville Turns 40

 Author China Miéville’s was born 6 September 1972. Happy birthday, China!

Photo from 'Chuck Norris v. Evil Obama'

Chuck Norris v. Evil Obama

 TV star Chuck Norris and his wife warn that re-electing President Obama is a step toward “1,000 years of darkness.”