Monthly Archive: October 2012

Photo from 'John Keats: Minute Biography'

John Keats: Minute Biography

 Happy Halloween and happy birthday to poet John Keats, born 31 October 1795. 

Photo from 'Henry Fielding Biography: New!'

Henry Fielding Biography: New!

Now that he’s been dead 258 years, we thought it would be safe to have a biography of 18th century novelist Henry Fielding!

Photo from 'James Bond Stuntman Stepping on Alligators'

James Bond Stuntman Stepping on Alligators

See behind the scenes, as a stuntman runs across a bunch of alligators — again and again — for a shot in the James Bond film To Live and Let Die.

Photo from 'Gabrielle Union Turns 40'

Gabrielle Union Turns 40

 Brrr, it’s old in here. There must be a birthday in the atmosphere — for Gabrielle Union, the star of Bring It On.

Photo from 'Louis C.K. and SNL'

Louis C.K. and SNL

Read about Louis C.K.’s long sort-of relationship with Saturday Night Live.

Photo from 'Lena Dunham Biography: New!'

Lena Dunham Biography: New!

Have you read about Lena Dunham lately and wondered, “who the heck is Lena Dunham?” Who2 has the answer — in our new biography.

Photo from 'Bob Dylan v. Andy Warhol'

Bob Dylan v. Andy Warhol

 Maybe you’ve seen the Bob Dylan “screen test” film by Andy Warhol. If not, Who2 will save you the trouble. We’ll also try to find out if Bob Dylan hated Andy Warhol.

Photo from 'Eddie Redmayne Biography: New!'

Eddie Redmayne Biography: New!

You’ve seen him in the recent Les Misérables promotions and thought he looked familiar. Our new biography will tell you why.

Photo from 'Denny's Goes All Bilbo Brunchy'

Denny’s Goes All Bilbo Brunchy

 Denny’s restaurants will soon be sporting a new menu for the upcoming movie version of The Hobbit. Oin and Gloin sirloin? Gandwaffles?

Photo from 'Robert Hooke on the Web'

Robert Hooke on the Web

 Science writer Carl Zimmer leads the way to seeing Robert Hooke’s 17th century classic Micrographia online.

Photo from 'The Secret Recordings of John F. Kennedy'

The Secret Recordings of John F. Kennedy

 With the 50th anniversary of the Cuban Missile Crisis going on, the publication of secret recordings made by President Kennedy get new attention.

Photo from 'George Gallup Biography'

George Gallup Biography

Who2 has a new biography of pollster George Gallup, the man who started the Gallup public opinion polls in 1935.

Photo from 'Malala Yousafzai Biography'

Malala Yousafzai Biography

Who2 has a new biography of Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani schoolgirl the Taliban tried to assassinate on 9 October 2012.

Photo from 'George McGovern Biography'

George McGovern Biography

We’ve posted a new biography of the senator from South Dakota and Democratic presidential candidate in 1972.

Photo from 'I Like To Go Swimmin' With Binders of Women'

I Like To Go Swimmin’ With Binders of Women

The second presidential debate between President Obama and Governor Romney is over, and the most important takeaway was the phrase “binders of women.”

Photo from 'Happy Birthday, Angela Lansbury'

Happy Birthday, Angela Lansbury

Actress Angela Lansbury was born 16 October 1925 in London. That makes her 87 years old today.

Photo from 'The Art of the Title: Cape Fear'

The Art of the Title: Cape Fear

Over at the Art of the Title they feature the opening credits to the 1991 version of Cape Fear.

Photo from 'Marissa Mayer Biography: New!'

Marissa Mayer Biography: New!

Wisconsin native, computer scientist, CEO, mother… and she’s still just 37 years old.

Photo from 'Rothko Vandal Says "I'm Not a Vandal"'

Rothko Vandal Says “I’m Not a Vandal”

 Sunday afternoon at the Tate Modern Gallery, Vlad Umanets defaced a painting by Mark Rothko. He told the press, “I’m not seeking attention.”

Photo from 'Free NASA Photos'

Free NASA Photos

From the Flickr pages for NASA on the Commons, we have a photo gallery from the history of American space exploration.

Photo from 'Presidents Who Slugged Someone'

Presidents Who Slugged Someone

 You think Mitt Romney beat up on Barack Obama in the first presidential debate of 2012? Read about some real beatings in presidential history.

Photo from 'Frida Kahlo's Dresses Go On Display'

Frida Kahlo’s Dresses Go On Display

 Mexican artist Frida Kahlo was a fashion heroine in the 1930s. In November hundreds of her dresses will go on display for the first time.