Monthly Archive: December 2012

Photo from 'The Santas of Somerville'

The Santas of Somerville

A quick tour of one town’s impressions of Santa Claus.

Photo from ''In Cold Blood' Killers Exhumed'

‘In Cold Blood’ Killers Exhumed

 The two murderers portrayed in the book In Cold Blood have been exhumed in Kansas, in the hopes of solving murders in Florida.

Photo from 'Happy Birthday, Frank Zappa!'

Happy Birthday, Frank Zappa!

 Frank Zappa died in 1993. Had he lived, he’d be celebrating his 62nd birthday. In his honor, watch an interview and listen to a song.

Photo from 'Gary Wills on Guns'

Gary Wills on Guns

 The esteemed historian goes back to the Bible for a comparison.

Photo from 'Martin Freeman Biography: New!'

Martin Freeman Biography: New!

Once known as “Who’s Martin Freeman?” he’s now known as “that guy who was in The Hobbit.”

Photo from 'Edvard Munch Biography: New!'

Edvard Munch Biography: New!

Did today’s date — 12/12/12 — make you want to scream? That’s because it’s Edvard Munch’s 149th birthday!

Photo from 'Margaret Atwood on Rachel Carson'

Margaret Atwood on Rachel Carson

 Author Margaret Atwood praises Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring, 50 years after the book’s publication.

Photo from 'Dave Brubeck Obituary'

Dave Brubeck Obituary

 Jazz great Dave Brubeck has died from heart failure, a day before his 92nd birthday.

Photo from 'Sheldon Adelson Biography: New!'

Sheldon Adelson Biography: New!

We have a new biography of Sheldon Adelson, the casino tycoon who donated more than $100 million to Republican candidates in 2012.