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Photo of Kim Kardashian pregnant, flanked by Kanye West

Kim Kardashian’s High-Risk Pregnancy Report

Kim Kardashian‘s pregnancy has not been top-of-mind at the Who2 news desk, but now we must salute her for her frank talk about it on her official site. In a piece …..

Strange Photos of George Clooney in Scotland

George Clooney is in Scotland for a few laughs and to have a “hot date” with a woman who is not his wife. (For charity!) He’s also ordering sandwiches for charity. The …..


Who2 Has a New Look and is Mobile Friendly!

We’ve rolled out a new version of Who2! We chose November because, as everyone knows, it is both National Novel Writing Month and National Diabetes Month. Writing a novel about …..

Nan Britton - Photo from 'Presidential Love Child'

Presidential Love Child

A new DNA test shows that Nan Britton was telling the truth when she told the world her affair with President Warren G. Harding produced a daughter.

Photo from 'Kennewick Man Was a Native American'

Kennewick Man Was a Native American

That’s the latest conclusion from a recent DNA analysis. But it’s not the final word and so, the controversy continues over this 9,000 year old man.

Photo from 'Save the Lucille Ball Statue!'

Save the Lucille Ball Statue!

It’s time to go to the barricades to save the most brutally honest statue in history.

Photo from 'Andreas Lubitz Biography: New'

Andreas Lubitz Biography: New

In a shocking twist, French authorities now say they believe co-pilot Andreas Lubitz deliberately flew Germanwings flight 4U9525 into the French Alps.


Robert Durst Biography: New!

Last week the eccentric multimillionaire was a cable TV star; this week he’s in jail, charged with murder.

Photo from 'Leonard Nimoy Biography'

Leonard Nimoy Biography

The thoughtful and multi-faceted actor, who played Mr. Spock on Star Trek, has died at age 83.