The Who2 Blog October 2006

Mysterious Larry HagEman

We've recently added profiles of Broadway star Mary Martin and her son, Dallas star Larry Hagman. Research on both profiles showed confusing factoids: Martin's birthdate was variously reported as December 1, 10, or 11, and Hagman's birth name was widely reported to be "Hageman."

Religion and Broadway Editor Hans Holznagel went on the case. His report:

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Mary Martin, Ageless Wonder

Religion and Broadway editor Hans Holznagel has just completed a new profile of Mary Martin, one of the brightest stars of the American stage in the 1950s. She created the title role of Peter Pan on Broadway in 1954, and of Maria von Trapp in The Sound of Music in 1959.

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Cory Lidle and Thurman Munson

The sad death of Cory Lidle in a plane crash has reminded many baseball fans of the 1979 death of another Yankee, Thurman Munson, in a single-plane crash. Lidle was still a Yankee newcomer, having joined the team this summer. Munson was a baseball player of the old school, mustachioed, burly and competitive, and he was also the first Yankee to be designated team captain since the legendary Lou Gehrig in the 1930s.

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The Mark Foley Email Scandal

What to say about disgraced congressman and political bombshell Mark Foley? He's already become the story of the week and possibly the story of the 2006 U.S. elections, somehow trumping Iraq, the economy, new revelations about 9/11, and everything else.

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