The Who2 Blog September 2007

Craig Resignation Stalled

Larry Craig isn't leaving the Senate after all. Not yet, anyway.

The Idaho senator said three weeks ago that he intended to resign on September 30th, after stories leaked out about his quiet guilty plea to a June arrest for soliciting sex in a Minneapolis airport restroom. But Craig later backtracked, saying he would try to take back his guilty plea and might stay in the Senate if he succeeded in doing so.

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The New York Times Unlocks the Vaults

Hooray! The New York Times will now stop charging for access to much of its content.

The change takes effect Tuesday night -- two years after The Times started its 'Times Select' subscription service. Regular stories used to go behind the subscription wall after a week of availability online.

Money quote from the article: "The business model for advertising revenue, versus subscriber revenue, [has become] so much more attractive."

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Wyman, Longshoremen and Kents

The Toronto Star's colorful remembrance of First Ex Jane Wyman ends this way: "In person, Wyman sported the earthy language of a longshoreman. She carried her pack of Kent cigarettes with her everywhere."