The Who2 Blog December 2007

The Death of a Newspaper

[1/1/08 Update: The Cincinnati Post and Clooney column links below are already dead -- apparently turned off by Baby New Year as he passed through town at the stroke of midnight.]

Sad news for newspaper fans: the Cincinnati Post published its last edition today, ending its 126-year run and ending Cincinnati's days as a two-newspaper town.

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Lordy, Lordy, Look Who's 624-ty

Happy birthday to Who2's unofficial mascot, Ulrich Zwingli. The oft-forgotten Swiss theologian turns 624 on New Year's Day.

We can't describe Zwingli better than we did in last year's tribute: "The Protestant Reformer who survived bubonic plague, had a secret marriage at age 38, and still ended up playing Avis to Martin Luther's Hertz."

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Was Bhutto Shot?

The shocking death of Benazir Bhutto has turned into a confounding argument over the cause.

Early reports said she'd died in a bomb blast. Then reports of gunshots surfaced. Now amateur photos show two possible attackers: a clean-cut (alleged) gunman and a head-scarf-wearing (alleged) bomber.

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