The Who2 Blog March 2008

Walken is 65

Actor Christopher Walken turns 65 today.

It's also been 30 years since his Oscar-winning 1978 turn in The Deer Hunter.

The IMDB puts his career tally at 110 film and TV appearances, and counting.

Dith Pran, Subject of The Killing Fields, Dead at 65

Dith Pran, the Cambodian journalist who survived the massacres of the Khmer Rouge, and whose story was told in the book and movie The Killing Fields, has died at age 65. The cause was pancreatic cancer.

Besides the obituary linked above, The New York Times coverage includes one of their "Last Word" videos of Pran, propped up on pillows, telling his story one more time.

Precocious Julia Stiles

Wait... Julie Stiles is only 27 today?

That means she was just 21 when she played a CIA operative in The Bourne Identity in 2002?

Surprising. Of course, only in Hollywood could crucial national security issues be put in the hands of a callow 21-year-old who... oh, wait.

Stiles, as an aside, was born the same year the Beastie Boys were founded.

The 97-Year-Old Voice of the Yankees

Lovely, warmhearted George Vecsey column today about Bob Sheppard, the Yankee Stadium announcer since 1951.

Sheppard is cagey about his age, but Vecsey notes that he played football at St. John's from 1928-32. (Wikipedia claims Sheppard was born in 1910.) Still, he just signed a two-year contract with the Yanks.

"I Think They're Barking Up the Wrong Tree"

"Choosing from the parachutes he had was like choosing whether to take a Cadillac or a Volkswagen to California... The one he didn't use was padded and very good. The one he used would cut you in the crotch area when the parachute opened. It would have worked, but it wasn't the best choice."

Skydiving instructor Earl Cossey, who packed the parachutes used by D.B.

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D.B. Cooper's Parachute Found?

A parachute that may have belonged to skyjacker D.B. Cooper has turned up in rural Washington state.

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports that the parachute was uncovered in rural Clark County, where kids found the parachute while playing in a recently-plowed field.

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