The Who2 Blog April 2008

Wes Anderson, Almost 40

Filmmaker Wes Anderson -- the quirky director of Rushmore and The Darjeeling Limited -- enters the last year of his 30s today. He's 39.

Thank You, Diane Rosenschein!

Diane, you are truly a faithful reader and a goddess of proofreading. Never stop sharing!

Those thank-you checks should clear customs any day now.

Barbaro's Fifth

Late, great racehorse Barbaro was born five years ago today.

Barbaro won the 2006 Kentucky Derby, but two weeks later he shattered his leg while running in the Preakness Stakes, the second race in the Triple Crown. Despite state-of-the-art treatment, he died in January of 2007 of laminitis. That' the same crazy horse-hoof illness that got Secretariat.

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Nebraska Rebel

Interesting story in The New York Times today about Ernie Chambers, the senior senator in Nebraska's legislature. He's being forced out by term limits after nearly 40 years in the legislature.

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Guy Trundle Mania

Guy Trundle, Guy Trundle, Guy Trundle!

Seductive king-buster Wallis Simpson died 22 years ago today. The anniversary is just a convenient excuse to shout "Guy Trundle" -- the most deliciously seedy name in the history of romantic scandals.

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We Missed It: Ivan Dixon

Actor Ivan Dixon died last month, says the LA Times. We missed the story until just now.

Dixon played "Kinch" on the series Hogan's Heroes. But he had a fascinating (if less-heralded) career after that.

On the trivia front: That Times obit says he also was the stunt double for Sidney Poitier in The Defiant Ones.