The Who2 Blog August 2008

John McCain and Buddy Holly

Happy birthday to Senator John McCain. He turns 72 today, having been born on August 29, 1936.

Wow: Singer Buddy Holly was born the same year as McCain, 1936. Holly was 22 when he died -- he's been gone almost 50 years now. McCain rolls on.

Obama Accepts the Nomination

The Democratic Convention is over and it's official: Barack Obama is the first African-American presidential nominee of a major American political party. Congratulations to him.

His website has the transcript and video of his speech from Denver's Invesco Field.

The Rocky Mountain News headline: 'Obama accepts nomination, rocks Invesco.'

Steve Jobs is Not Dead

Gawker has the accidental obituary of Apple Computer head Steve Jobs run by the Bloomberg news service yesterday.

At least Jobs got that rare opportunity to read his own obit. Many of the details are probably familiar to him already.

It is interesting to see how placeholders are used in the pre-obit for the final missing bits of the story. ("He was TK"?)

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Photos of Phelps, Phinally

Sports Illustrated has an underwater photo series that shows how Michael Phelps touched the wall 0.01 second before rival Milorad Cavic in the 100-meter butterfly.

Even with the photos, and seeing the finish, Phelps still seems impossibly far from the wall when Cavic is just inches away. Quite a finish.

Lynn Johnston: "Farley is Coming Back!"

The Washington Post has two new stories on cartoonist Lynn Johnston. One talks about her krazy plan for starting For Better or For Worse over on September 1st, retelling the strip's early storylines in "new-runs."

Lynn reports with pleasure that Farley the Dog, long dead, will be once again alive under the new plan. (Though presumably he'll have to croak again in the future.)

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