The Who2 Blog November 2008

Aide Grabs Joe Biden's Seat

Delware Governor Ruth Ann Minner has named Ted Kaufman to fill the Senate seat of Joe Biden.

Kaufman is a longtime aide to Biden. He'll serve until 2010, when a special election will determine who will hold the seat for the remaining four years of Biden's term.

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Monopoly... the Movie?

Ridley [Scott] is now officially attached to direct this collaboration between Universal and the games manufacturer Hasbro - Hasbro! Jesus wept! - and according to the Hollywood Reporter is planning to give it "a futuristic sheen along the lines of his iconic Blade Runner". Really? Really?

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What Will Be the Obamas' Next Church?

As the first African-American First Family, will they be criticized if they choose a black church, or if they don't? If they choose a white pastor, or if they don't?

Tough choice.

[ Update: And if they choose nothing at all? That gets reported, too. ]