The Who2 Blog September 2009

Happy Birthday, Truman Capote

In honor of what would have been Truman Capote's 85th birthday (he died in 1984), here are a couple of video interviews from 1966, as he talks about working on In Cold Blood.

In this video he tries to explain what he means by "non-fiction novel."

In this video he talks about what it was like to arrive in Kansas.

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Fans Name the Next Chamillionaire Album

Coming in December is the new album by rap star Chamillionaire. He gave fans the opportunity to vote on the title, offering 10 candidates.

The possible titles included Reverse Psychology, Back for Revenge and Karma. Chamillionaire also gives dictionary-style explanations for each title. Our favorite is for Wake Up Call: "A wake up call happens during the times when people are sleeping. You set a wake up call when its [sic] time to wake people up."

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William Safire Dead at 79

Political columnist and conservative guru William Safire has died at age 79.

Safire had been under hospice care for pancreatic cancer, reports the Jewish news agency JTA.

Roman Polanski Arrested in Switzerland

Maybe the film festival wasn't such a good idea.

76-year-old director Roman Polanski was supposed to be honored at a Swiss film festival this week.

Instead, he was arrested as soon as he landed at Zurich airport. He's still officially a wanted man in the United States, and the Swiss have an extradition treaty with the U.S.

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