The Who2 Blog October 2009

Heath Ledger, Video Director

From rapper N'fa (a.k.a. No Fixed Abode), comes a music video for his song "Cause An Effect," directed by the late Heath Ledger, the actor who made 2008's The Dark Knight worth watching (parts of).

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What's the Correct Way to Wish Happy Birthday to a Dead Person?

On this day in 1872 Emily Post was born. Post set etiquette standards for Americans for most of the 20th century by adapting high society rules of behavior for a wider class of people -- but class was still the operative word. Women were "ladies" and men were "gentlemen," and her books on etiquette still presumed a level of education and sophistication associated with higher incomes and bigger cities.

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Henry V at Agincourt

For the anniversary of Henry V's victory over the French at Agincourt in 1415, a news release from historians at the University of Southampton has challenged the notion that the English were vastly outnumbered by the French.

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Book Review: "The Silent Spirit"

"She's a master."
       -Tony Hillerman

Anyone writing a Native American mystery has to wrassle with the presence of the genre's 500-pound gorilla: the late Tony Hillerman. Margaret Coel dispatches the issue with a Hillerman blurb right on the front cover of her new novel, The Silent Spirit. (Could that be Hillerman's Last Blurb? He died last October.)

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