The Who2 Blog May 2010

Jean-Luc Godard's New Movie

French filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard had a film at Cannes this year. The 79 year-old legend of avant-garde cinema -- at least in the 1950s and '60s -- screened Film Socialisme, a statement of some kind about something-or-other, shot with digital cameras and, if you believe the reviews, without plot or characters.

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They always die in threes...

At least, that's what people seem to think, and this week, the adage held true with the passing of actor Gary Coleman, actor Dennis Hopper, and speaker-to-children Art Linkletter.

Rest in peace, fellas.

Gary Coleman Dies

Hours after the news that actor Gary Coleman had been put on life support, comes the news that he was taken off life support today and is dead at the age of 42.

You can read the account at Radar Online.

Gary Coleman is Unconscious

Diminutive TV star Gary Coleman has slipped into a coma and has been put on life support in a Utah hospital, according to this story from E! Online.

Coleman slipped in his home and hit his head the other day, and yesterday he took a bad turn, slipping into unconsciousness.


Happy Birthday, Jim Thorpe

Today is the anniversary of Jim Thorpe's birth, in 1888. Thorpe was voted "The Greatest Athlete of the Century" in 1950 by the Associated Press for his decades of excellence in baseball, lacrosse and football. Thorpe was a gold medalist in the 1912 Olympics, in the decathlon and pentathlon, but because he'd played semi-pro baseball in 1909 he lost his amateur status and they took his medals away (this was in the old days, when the Olympics was for amateur athletes).

His medals were returned to his family in 1983.

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50 Cent: Get Thin or Die Tryin'

fitty.jpgRapper 50 Cent has dropped from 214 to 160 pounds -- a whopping 25% of his weight -- according to the ThisIs50 blog. 

He lost the pounds to play the role of a cancer-stricken football player in the upcoming movie Things Fall Apart, says the blog, which also says that Fitty is now back touring (and eating).

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The Anniversary of the Human Fly

In my time zone I still have 70 minutes to celebrate the anniversary of George Willig's climb up the South Tower of the World Trade Center buildings, on a Thursday morning in 1977.

It took him three and a half hours, and when he got to the top he was arrested. But he had time to sign his name up there, as you can see here.

And I found some TV footage of the event:

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