The Who2 Blog October 2010

Edith Head, Happy Birthday!

If you were on a deserted desert island, and the only way to get off was to think about Hollywood's most famous fashion designer, wouldn't you think of Head? Of course you would. Edith Head is easily the most famous costume designer in Hollywood history. And today is her birthday.

She costumed more than a thousand films (11 of them for Alfred Hitchcock, and she won 8 Oscars over a career that spanned sixty years.

In her honor, here are a few videos:

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Frank Zappa on Steve Allen

Here's a very young (and clean-cut) Frank Zappa on the old Steve Allen show.

Even though Steve Allen is clearly mocking Frank for being a "bicycle player" (which is what this clip is about), it's good to remember that Steve Allen was with-it enough to invite Zappa to appear.

Frank Zappa, for his part, is very cool and very clever.

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Hillary Clinton, Happy Birthday!

Hillary Clinton turns 63 today. Happy birthday, Madam Secretary of State!

What a career she's had. Working for the U.S. Congress, she helped put the screws to President Richard Nixon in 1974. She was the First Lady of Arkansas for twelve years. She stayed married to that guy in the White House and was First Lady of the United States for eight years. She was a U.S. senator for the state of New York for about eight years.

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