The Who2 Blog November 2010

Mark Twain's Voice

Today is the anniversary of Mark Twain's birth. Mark Twain was born in 1835, in Florida, Missouri.

He has a new book out! Not bad for someone who died a hundred years ago.

Mark Twain was as popular in his time for his public performances as he was for his sarcastic remarks on the printed page. Mark Twain was a celebrity, not simply some guy to be hailed by future professors for two or three books that became part of the canon.

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Willie Nelson and the Image of God

The day after Thanksgiving, country music legend Willie Nelson, age 77, was arrested at a Texas border crossing and charged with possession of marijuana.

Today the Hudspeth County Sheriff's Office there released Willie Nelson's mugshot -- his booking photo -- and a copy of the arrest report.

Willie's mugshot is making the rounds, naturally. You can see the arrest report here.

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'Cowboys and Aliens' is Not Funny

"By the time the film... opens next July, the studio expects advertising and future promotions to have persuaded almost everyone that Mr. Favreau's movie is a tough-minded adventure on the order of Clint Eastwood's Unforgiven -- with aliens."

It may sound like an action comedy, but Jon Favreau's Cowboys and Aliens is actually supposed to be really scary.

Now that you know, watch that trailer again:

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Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2010: Angels PHOTOS

The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2010 is upon us.  Victoria's Secret is featuring eight of its angels -- their term for key spokesmodels -- in this year's show on November 30th. 

Because You Asked For It, here are photos and a few facts for each of the 2010 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show angels. Click any photo to see more pictures of that model.

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Tom Delay is a Dirty Dog

Former Republican bigwig Tom Delay was convicted today of money laundering. He faces a sentence of life in prison.

Known as "The Hammer" at the peak of his power, Tom Delay was one of those fake-populist politicians who was on Jack Abramoff's GOP money train in the early 2000s.

Tom Delay's idea of family values involved spending a lot of American tax dollars paying his wife and daughter. Tom Delay's commitment to the U.S. Constitution had a lot to do with playing golf in exotic locations.

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