The Who2 Blog August 2011

Cowboys & Aliens: What Went Wrong?

acowboys-rayoflight.jpegOne terrific trailer, several famous Hollywood geniuses, and $163 million in wasted budget later, one of the most-anticipated movies of summer 2011 is a baffling dud.

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Flashback: Yao Ming for Apple

The great and lovable Yao Ming retired from the NBA last month

He never won a championship, but he did join Verne "Mini-Me" Troyer for this charming Apple Powerbook ad in 2003. Like Yao in the lane, it had a wonderfully soft touch.

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Cary Grant Preferred Double Vents, If You Know What We Mean

A wonderfully obsessive analysis of Cary Grant's gray Kilgour suit from North By Northwest:

"Ventless is unusual for an expensive single breasted jacket these days, yet have been familiar on double breasted suits since the 'column' look of the thirties. Grant apparently preferred double vents as he liked to put his hands in his pockets whilst acting.

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