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Under the Cherry Moon (1986). Directed by Prince. Shown: Prince.When: 16 Apr 2016.

Do all pop stars die young?

Drug overdoses, but also rare forms of cancer and plane crashes. The good do die young.

Photo of Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra ‘Gave Men License to Cry’

Frank Sinatra is 100 years old today, and Stephen Holden has a terrific notebook that captures so many truths about the man. Holden runs through a recap of all the …..

Pope Francis

Pope Francis, Rock Star: Album reviews

While the current leader of the Catholic Church has been a metaphorical rock star since his election, he’s now a literal one.  With the release of Wake Up, a multi-lingual recording …..

Photo from 'Harry Styles Biography: New!'

Harry Styles Biography: New!

He’s one-fifth of the boy band One Direction, and Harry Styles is in our files.

Photo from 'Macklemore on the City Bus'

Macklemore on the City Bus

Before he performs it at the Grammy Awards on January 26th, watch Macklemore sing “Can’t Hold Us” on a New York City bus.

Photo from 'Happy Birthday, Frank Zappa!'

Happy Birthday, Frank Zappa!

 Frank Zappa died in 1993. Had he lived, he’d be celebrating his 62nd birthday. In his honor, watch an interview and listen to a song.

Photo from 'Dave Brubeck Obituary'

Dave Brubeck Obituary

 Jazz great Dave Brubeck has died from heart failure, a day before his 92nd birthday.

Photo from 'Jenny McCarthy, Celebrity Vampire'

Jenny McCarthy, Celebrity Vampire

At the American Music Awards Jenny McCarthy clutched Justin Bieber as if she needed his life essence to stay young.

Photo from 'Juan Luis Guerra Biography: New!'

Juan Luis Guerra Biography: New!

Juan Luis Guerra won another Latin Grammy this week. Read our new biography of this Dominican star.

Photo from 'Idris Elba Meets Mumford and Sons'

Idris Elba Meets Mumford and Sons

Idris Elba — Stringer Bell from The Wire — directs and stars in a new music video from Mumford & Sons.

Photo from 'Bob Dylan v. Andy Warhol'

Bob Dylan v. Andy Warhol

 Maybe you’ve seen the Bob Dylan “screen test” film by Andy Warhol. If not, Who2 will save you the trouble. We’ll also try to find out if Bob Dylan hated Andy Warhol.

Photo from 'Bruce Springsteen at 62'

Bruce Springsteen at 62

The New Yorker has a terrific profile of Bruce Springsteen, “We Are Alive” by David Remnick.

Photo from 'Country Star Kitty Wells is Dead'

Country Star Kitty Wells is Dead

She was the first woman to have a top hit in country music. Now Kitty Wells has died in Nashville at the age of 92.

Photo from 'Happy Birthday, Kanye!'

Happy Birthday, Kanye!

Kanye West turns 35 years old on June 8th. To celebrate, here’s our gallery of Kanye stickers by KanyePDX, a sticker graffitt artist — slaptagger — from the Pacific Northwest.

Photo from 'Beastie Boys Video Round-up'

Beastie Boys Video Round-up

In honor of the passing of Adam “MCA” Yauch, we’ve gathered a few choice Beastie Boys videos and put them in one spot.

Photo from 'Photos of Hip Hop Stars'

Photos of Hip Hop Stars

A simple gallery of some musical greats, from the book Hip Hop Immortals: The Remix.

Photo from 'Six Photos From Beyoncé's Tumblr'

Six Photos From Beyoncé’s Tumblr

Yay! Beyoncé’s on the internet! Here are six great photos of B. from her very own Tumblr (and one more, just because it’s cool).

Photo from 'History and Band Names'

History and Band Names

 From History Today, a list of famous bands named for historical people or events.

Photo from 'Black History: Odetta'

Black History: Odetta

In honor of Black History Month, we’ve added another activist-entertainer to our files: Odetta, the folk singer who came to fame in the 1960s for her powerful voice in protest songs.

Photo from 'Taylor Swift Is a Triskaidekaphile'

Taylor Swift Is a Triskaidekaphile

Pop star Taylor Swift sings in Chicago last week during her Speak Now world tour.Swift often paints the number 13 on her hand before concerts.

Photo from 'Paul McCartney Plays Yankee Stadium'

Paul McCartney Plays Yankee Stadium

Super-enthusiastic reviews for Paul McCartney’s concerts at Yankee Stadium this weekend. McCartney even worked in a baseball joke for the crowd: “Who’s this Derek Jeter guy?