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George Hamilton poses as Colonel Sanders, the spokesman for Kentucky Fried Chicken, in a spot for "extra-crispy" fried chicken in 2016.

George Hamilton is the New Colonel Sanders, If You Can Believe That

George Hamilton is Colonel Sanders. Yes, you read it right. Kentucky Fried Chicken’s wonderfully bizarre reboot of its corporate icon is continuing with new ads featuring the extra-tan actor as the “extra-crispy Colonel.” If you …..

Charlie Brown Christmas stamp, with Charlie Brown and Linus (sucking thumb) leaning on a snowy wall

Charlie Brown Christmas Stamps: A Fond Review

Do you love A Charlie Brown Christmas? Are you old enough to remember postage stamps? Then you will probably like the A Charlie Brown Christmas postage stamp set now available …..

Photo from 'J.J. Abrams Biography: New!'

J.J. Abrams Biography: New!

Who2 has a new biography of TV producer and movie director J.J. Abrams. His latest, Star Trek Into Darkness, is now playing everywhere.

Photo from 'Captain Picard To The Rescue'

Captain Picard To The Rescue

 While the new Star Trek was saving the box office, Patrick Stewart — Jean Luc Picard — was saving the world, with a hug at Comicpalooza.

Photo from 'Jack Bauer Returns'

Jack Bauer Returns

 Kiefer Sutherland is set to return to TV in an updated 24. Just when he thought he was out, they pulled him back in.

Photo from 'Creating the 'Twin Peaks' Theme'

Creating the ‘Twin Peaks’ Theme

Composer Angelo Badalamenti tells and shows how the theme song to Twin Peaks was created, in this short and funny video.

Photo from 'Happy Birthday, Angela Lansbury'

Happy Birthday, Angela Lansbury

Actress Angela Lansbury was born 16 October 1925 in London. That makes her 87 years old today.

Photo from 'Andy Williams is Dead'

Andy Williams is Dead

 Singer and television star Andy Williams has died at the age of 84 from cancer.

Photo from 'Jonny Quest Debuts, 48 Years Ago!'

Jonny Quest Debuts, 48 Years Ago!

 The 18th of September is the anniversary of the first-ever Jonny Quest episode. It’s his birthday, of sorts.

Photo from 'Oprah's Mutual of Aha Moment'

Oprah’s Mutual of Aha Moment

 Who knew that Oprah battled an insurance company over the rights to a common phrase?

Photo from 'Black Sitcom Theme Songs'

Black Sitcom Theme Songs

 Some hardworking fan has compiled Native Tongues — “A Cultural History of Black Sitcom Theme Songs.”

Photo from '25 People Who Played Vampires'

25 People Who Played Vampires

Can you imagine Tom Cruise sucking the life out of someone? He’s one of 25 people in our gallery who’ve played vampires on the big (or little) screen.

Photo from 'Sexy Photos of Gene Autry'

Sexy Photos of Gene Autry

Gene Autry was one of the greatest singing cowboy stars of all time. Going all the way back to the Pliocene Epoch.

Photo from 'Rachel Maddow Biography: New!'

Rachel Maddow Biography: New!

She’s a Rhodes scholar, a volleyball player, and a super-popular TV personality. Our new biography is up and running.

Photo from 'Hoodie Hubbub a Geraldo Highlight'

Hoodie Hubbub a Geraldo Highlight

A joke — how can you tell when Geraldo Rivera is saying something stupid? His lips are moving. Oh, and he put it on Twitter.

Photo from 'Don Draper Biography: Updated!'

Don Draper Biography: Updated!

Don Draper is back for the fifth season of Mad Men. We’ve got his bio, plus quotes.

Photo from 'Gillian Anderson's XX Files'

Gillian Anderson’s XX Files

 In the newest issue of Out magazine, X-Files star Gillian Anderson talks about her career, but it’s her mention of romances with women that got the attention.

Photo from 'Mary Tyler Moore Slideshow'

Mary Tyler Moore Slideshow

In honor of her 75th birthday today, Styleist magazine has a slideshow of television star Mary Tyler Moore.

Photo from 'Billy Graham and Woody Allen'

Billy Graham and Woody Allen

This is how Billy Graham and Woody Allen look these days. They probably don’t see much of each other. But they once talked about religion on TV.

Photo from 'Actor Harry Morgan Dies'

Actor Harry Morgan Dies

Actor Harry Morgan, who played Colonel Sherman Potter on the TV series M*A*S*H, has died after a bout with pneumonia. He was 96.

Photo from 'How Old is Lindsay Ellingson?'

How Old is Lindsay Ellingson?

Congrats to model Lindsay Ellingson, who’s landed a big gig on the Victoria’s Secret show this week. But she may be a bit older than her agency claims.

Photo from 'Scans from a 1976 TV Guide'

Scans from a 1976 TV Guide

I scanned a few pages from the September 1976 issue of TV Guide that announced the new shows for the prime time season.

Photo from 'Who Was the Horta on 'Star Trek'?'

Who Was the Horta on ‘Star Trek’?

 Remember the Horta, from the Star Trek episode titled “Devil in the Dark”? I grew up watching Star Trek in black and white, so I’m always stunned to see it in color. It was news to me that the Horta was anything other than black with grey spots. In fact, it’s brown and orange, which makes it look like a shag rug or a wet piece of pepperoni pizza. And it turns out there’s a Hungarian underneath it, giving it life.

Photo of Mister Ed

Connie Hines of ‘Mister Ed’ is Dead – PHOTOS

[Editor’s note 2016: Most of the text of this post about the death of actress Connie Hines was deleted by accident in a 2015 technical revamp of Who2. Sorry! But we’ve left the photos …..