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‘Mad Men’ Gets the Barbie Treatment

barbie-mad-men.jpgYes, those are Mad Men Barbie dolls. Mattel has released this rather amazing new set in honor of the upcoming fourth season of Mad Men.

The Barbie designers got January Jones down pat, Jon Hamm and John Slattery seem fine, but Christina Hendricks is somehow lacking something. I just can’t figure out what it is.  Here’s a photo from real life:

Photo of Christina Hendricks from 'Mad Men' in a party gownThe hairdo’s off a little, I guess that’s it.  Well, let’s move on.  Per AMC:

“Gracefully molded of Silkstone®, a material that resembles the look and
weight of porcelain, each doll is stylized in iconic costumes from the
series, and comes with accessories true to their show counterparts. Don
Draper wears his classic, polished red-lined suit and comes accessorized
with a hat, overcoat and brief case; Betty Draper’s classic look is
captured with unparalleled detail, from her faux pearl necklace to her
pumps; Joan Holloway looks chic in a purple skirt suit and perfectly
styled coif with her staple accessory – a pen necklace; and Roger
Sterling is looking dapper in his monogrammed shirt.”

Of course, these aren’t the first Mad Men Barbie dolls. Fans had previously come up with some disturbing images of their own.

Mad Men premieres on July 25th, by the way.

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