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Photo of Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris is an American actor known mostly for his work in television, especially the series Doogie Howser, M.D. and How I Met Your Mother. Neil Patrick Harris started …..

Photo of Che Guevara

Che Guevara

Ernest “Che” Guevara worked and studied medicine in various parts of Latin America before teaming up with Fidel Castro in 1959 to force a revolution in Cuba. After the revolution, …..

Photo of Christo


The avant-garde artist Christo created some of the most spectacular large-scale public artworks of the 20th century. Working with his wife and creative partner, Jeanne-Claude, he wrapped in fabric the …..

Anne Frank looks up from her school desk and smiles, in a dark dress with a white collar

Anne Frank

Anne Frank is the best-known victim of the Jewish genocide known as the Holocaust, which was ordered by Germany’s Adolf Hitler during World War II. When German troops occupied the …..

Photo of Kim Jong-un

Kim Jong-un

Kim Jong-un succeeded his father, Kim Jong-il, as the dictatorial leader of North Korea in 2011. Kim Jong-un is the third member of the family to lead North Korea; his grandfather …..

Who Was Born on My Birthday?

Could it be Winston Churchill or Miley Cyrus? Find out!