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Photo of Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby began as a stand-up comic, went on to become one of America’s most beloved television stars, and then saw his reputation and career disintegrate under the weight of dozens of …..

Edwin Land

Edwin Land was a self-taught scientist and an entrepreneur who was granted more than 500 U.S. patents during his career. He is most famous as the man behind the Polaroid …..

Photo of Antonio Banderas

Antonio Banderas

Spanish actor Antonio Banderas is a stylish leading man of stage and screen, best known for his role in The Mask of Zorro and, as the voice of Puss in …..

Photo of Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso is one of the most famous painters of the 20th century, and perhaps the leading figure of that era’s daring modern art movement. Pablo Ruiz y Picasso showed …..

Photo of Mos Def

Mos Def

Mos Def is a critically-acclaimed hip-hop star who is also known to movie audiences for his roles in The Italian Job (2003, with Mark Wahlberg) and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to …..

Who Was Born on My Birthday?

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