What is Who2?
Who2 is a biography website. We research and write profiles of real people, fictional characters, and some figures (like Robin Hood) who may be either. We also profile celebrities who aren’t people, like Ham the Chimp and Hal 9000.

How old is Who2?
Who2 went “on the air” in January of 1998, making us one of the Web’s oldest biography sites.  Who2 was inspired by our frustration in trying to find a simple online source of information about Princess Diana after her death in a car crash in August of 1997.

Where do the biographies come from?
All material on this site is researched and written for Who2 by our professional editorial staff. For details on our staff, please see About Who2.

Can you give me Oprah’s email address?
Sorry. Try contacting Oprah Winfrey through her official site.

Can you give me the email addresses of other celebrities?
Sorry! Who2 is not connected in any way with the famous figures we profile, and we have no information on how to contact them. The volume of mail we receive prevents us from doing email research on individual celebrities.

I think you’ve made a mistake in a biography. Whom should I contact?
Please write to: editorial@who2.com.

Why do you mix real people with fictional ones? Isn’t that misleading?
Our goal is to help the average user learn the basics about any famous figure. In our eyes, that includes helping people discover if that figure ever really existed.

It’s easy for younger students to be confused about whether Sherlock Holmes was a real historical figure. That challenge is heightened in the modern era where cartoon characters record hit records and chess grand masters tangle with non-human opponents. If we simply omitted fictional characters from our database, as many encyclopedias do, the curious reader wouldn’t be helped.

Fictional or quasi-fictional characters are always carefully explained to be such in our profiles. While users are occasionally upset to find a serious figure like Chief Joseph indexed on the same page with a fictional character like Indiana Jones, no disrespect is intended or implied.

I’m a student. How do I cite Who2 for my report?
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What is Who2’s privacy policy?
Please see our complete privacy policy page.