Image supplied by WENN

Aaron Carter sings in camouflage

Aaron Carter performs on stage at PNC Arts Center in New Jersey on August 18, 2001. Aaron Carter was born on December 7, 1987, so he is somehow still only 13 years old in this photo. He looks a lot older, right? He has shed his combat fatigue top in this photo, leaving only the camouflage bottoms, and... well, whatever. Not to pick on Aaron Carter specifically, because so many entertainers and pro sports teams wear combat fatigue colors. But it‘s always uncomfortable, isn‘t it? It‘s said to be a "salute to the troops," but instead it comes across as an attempt to seem tough and ride on the coattails of the people who are actually serving. If you want to wear camouflage and get the respect afforded with that, then *go into the military service* -- I guess that‘s the key thought here.

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