Alexandre Dumas

Facts about Alexandre Dumas

Alexandre Dumas died at 68 years old
Born: July 24, 1802
Best known as: The author of The Three Musketeers

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Alexandre Dumas Biography

Alexandre Dumas wrote the classic adventure novel The Three Musketeers and some of the most famous and popular stories in French literature.

Beginning in 1844 he had a string of brilliantly successful adventure books, publishing The Three Musketeers (1844, first printed in serial form) and following it with The Count of Monte Cristo (1845), Twenty Years After (1845) and The Black Tulip (1850), among many others.

A great celebrity writer of the day, Dumas was almost as famous for his reckless spending and lavish lifestyle, and he was frequently in debt. In his last days he was supported by his illegitimate son, the author Alexandre Dumas the Younger.

Extra credit

Alexandre Dumas and his son are often referred to as Dumas peré (father) and Dumas fils (son)… Alexandre Dumas was one-quarter Black; his grandfather had married a slave while serving as a government official in what is now Haiti.


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