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Alison Krauss at the Oscars in $2 million shoes

Alison Krauss (right) poses with Mark Richards on the red carpet before the 76th Academy Awards on February 29, 2004. This was at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood, California. Alison Krauss's feet are encased in high heels loaned to her by fashion designer Stuart Weitzman, who said they were inspired by the Cinderella story and included 4.5-inch clear heels and straps of platinum studded with 565 diamonds. At the ceremony, Alison Krauss performed "You Will Be My Ain True Love," the Oscar-nominated song which she had composed with Sting for the movie Cold Mountain.

Contrary to some information found online, Alison Krauss and Mark Richards were not married. A sound engineer, he had worked at times with Krauss and her band Union Station. He had the good sense to wear some boring black shoes that wouldn't compete with Krauss's Cinderella sandals. Imagine if he had shown up in $2 million boots!

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