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Amy Grant is 62 years old
Best known as: The Christian pop singer of the 1991 hit "Baby, Baby"

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Amy Grant Biography

Amy Grant was born in Georgia but spent much of her childhood in Nashville. She released her first Christian music album, Amy Grant, in 1978 — the year she turned 18. She quickly became a successful singer in the Christian pop music world. In the 1980s she crossed over into mainstream pop, notably with her 1986 duet with Peter Cetera, “The Next Time I Fall In Love.” Grant had an even bigger success in 1991 with the single “Baby, Baby” from her album Heart in Motion. By the end of the 1990s, Amy Grant was a bona fide celebrity in pop, gospel and country music, with hit records, TV specials, a stab at acting and a much-publicized divorce from her first husband, the Christian musician Gary Chapman. After her divorce she continued to record, and in 2000 she married country music star Vince Gill. Her 2005 release, Rock of Ages… Hymns & Faith, won a Grammy award for best southern, country or bluegrass album. Her other albums include My Father’s Eyes (1979), Unguarded (1985), House of Love (1994) and Somewhere Down the Road (2010).

Extra credit

Amy Grant married Gary Chapman, also a Christian musician, in 1982. They had three children: Matthew (b. 1987), Gloria (called “Millie,” b. 1989), and Sarah (b. 1992).  They were divorced in 1999… Grant married country musician Vince Gill in 2000. They have one daughter, Corinna, born in 2001.


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