Yes, that IS Andrea Casiraghi’s mother!

Andrea Casiraghi (center right, with windblown hair and gray tie) stands behind a woman who is definitely his mother, Princess Caroline of Hanover, in this shot from the religious ceremony that was part of the royal wedding of his uncle, Prince Albert II of Monaco, to Charlene Wittstock. This photo was taken on July 2, 2011 in the main courtyard at the Prince's Palace in Monte Carlo, Monaco.

In a previous photo we were speculating on the identity of the woman in the pink dress, whose face was hidden beneath the brim of her huge hat. We guessed it was his mother, Princess Caroline, but it was only a guess. Here we are gratified to have her identity confirmed. Next to Andrea Casiraghi, in the pink gown and black veil, is his sister, Charlotte Casiraghi.

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