Lester P. Jones / WENN

Anna Kournikova gives you side-eye

Yes, Anna Kournikova, the camera is looking at *you.* The famous tennis player gives the camera some side-eye at a show of the Red Carter Swimwear 2009 collection during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. This was at the Raleigh Hotel in Miami, Florida on July 18, 2008. Anna Kournikova was born in 1981, so she turned 27 the year this photo was taken.

And now a few notes on side-eye: the Merriam-Webster dictionary confirms that the term is hyphenated rather than spelled as one word, "sideeye." And secondly, it may not be side-eye that Anna Kournikova is giving us here. Merriam-Webster defines side-eye as "a sidelong glance or gaze especially when expressing scorn, suspicion, disapproval, or veiled curiosity." None of those things are happening here *except* possibly veiled curiosity. It's more like she just happened to catch the camera out of the corner of her eye. But since a ruling is needed, this look is close enough to "veiled curiosity" that we will allow the use of "side-eye" here.

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