Barry White with his… wife?

The caption we received with this photo of Barry White reads: "Barry White and his wife at a Hilton Hotel, circa 1999." That would make this woman Glodean James White, whom Barry White married in 1974. According to Wikipedia, the couple "reportedly divorced in 1988, however, they were still legally married until White's death in 2003 although they lived separate lives."

Glodean James was born in 1946, which would make her about 53 years old if this photo is from 1999. That age for the woman in this photo seems... not very probable? She looks young for 53. And neither one of them looks like they are "living separate lives" here, eleven years after they were not-quite-divorced. We're guessing there's an error in this caption: perhaps it's Barry White's daughter or girlfriend. But we are unsure of the true nature of reality here.

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