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Barry Williams is 69 years old
Best known as: Greg on TV's The Brady Bunch



Barry Williams Biography

Barry Williams played eldest son Greg Brady on the TV series The Brady Bunch. The show ran in prime time from 1969-1974 and then continued for decades in reruns; by the 1990s the show and its cast had become icons of nostalgic kitsch. Williams authored a popular 1992 book about the experiences, Growing Up Brady: I Was A Teenage Greg. He also appeared in Brady reunion movies and performed in musical theater around the U.S. In 2001 he toured the country playing Capt. Von Trapp in a stage revival of The Sound of Music. In later years he has made a living as a dependable icon of 1970s pop culture, including hosting a “Totally ’70s” music show on Sirius satellite radio.

Extra credit

In March of 2002 Williams appeared on Fox TV’s Celebrity Boxing in a match with Danny Bonaduce of TV’s The Partridge Family (1970-74). Also on the bill were famous litigant Paula Jones and former skater Tonya Harding.


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