Facts about Beck

Beck is 54 years old
Born: July 8, 1970
Best known as: Creator of the 1996 album Odelay

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Beck Biography

Name at birth: Beck David Campbell

Beck mixed folk, blues and hip-hop into a crowd-pleasing sound that made him one of the hotter pop musicians of the 1990s. His 1993 single Loser was an alternative radio hit, and a few years later he scored his first gold record with Odelay. That 1996 album won him a Grammy for Best Alternative Music Performance and also made him a big-time star; he soon won Best Artist awards from publications as diverse as Spin and Seventeen. His album Midnight Vultures was nominated for a 2000 Grammy as Record of the Year. His other albums include Sea Change (2002), Guero (2005) and The Information (2006), and on his web site he launched Record Club, an online source for new recordings and interviews.

Extra credit

Beck’s mother, Bibbe Hansen, was a crony of pop artist Andy Warhol… Beck took her last name of Hansen after his parents split up.


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