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What role did Betty White play at a ‘Casablanca’ reading?

Betty White arrives at a reading of the movie Casablanca to benefit the Actors Fund of America on October 2, 2005. This was held at the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood, California.

One must wonder what role Betty White read, since there are no large parts for older women in the movie. She could have been Mrs. Leuchtag, the older woman heading to America with her husband, but that's really just two lines of dialogue in a comic interlude. They wouldn't invite the great Betty White in for just two short lines, would they? There's also the Lotte Palfi part, the woman trying to sell her diamonds, but that part is even smaller: "Can't you make it just a little more?" She doesn't even get 10 words. Of course, it's just a reading: maybe Betty White was playing Ilse Lund, the Ingrid Bergman role. (Although White's not *exactly* famous for her romantic roles.) Heck, maybe she read Rick Blaine. She can do it all!

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