Vince Maher / WENN

Björk in Venice with an owl-shaped purse

The singer known as Björk pauses for a photo at a press conference for film Drawing Restraint 9 at the Venice Film Festival in Venice, Italy. The date was September 2, 2005. Björk did the soundtrack for the film, which Wikipedia describes as "a 2005 film project by visual artist Matthew Barney consisting of a feature-length film, large-scale sculptures, photographs, drawings, and books." Upon further review, we're not *certain* that the glittery owl on Björk's hip is actually a purse; it could just be a decorative owl. We're still betting purse, mind you, just not ready to declare it with 100% certainty. Björk was born in Reykjavik, Iceland in 1965, so she turned 40 the year this photo was taken.

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