Sean Thornton / WENN

Bo Derek asks, ‘Is this really an Imperial?’

Actress Bo Derek pauses before signing a bottle of Moët & Chandon Champagne to ask, "Are you *sure* this bottle is an Imperial?" She is clearly skeptical that this bottle is big enough to hold eight standard bottles of Champagne, as an Imperial should. But surely the Moët & Chandon people wouldn't skimp on bottle contents for a charity auction, would they? Because that's where this happened, at a charity auction at the Casino de Madrid in Madrid, Spain on November 23, 2010. Maybe that's the gag: "It's a casino, are you willing to bet you're getting the full eight bottles? C'mon, take a chance, it's for charity!" But Bo Derek smartly and appropriately wants to be sure that she's affixing her name to a bottle of the proper size.

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