Brad Anderson

Facts about Brad Anderson

Brad Anderson died at 91 years old
Born: May 14, 1924
Died: August 30, 2015
Best known as: The creator of the comic Marmaduke


Brad Anderson Biography

Name at birth: Bradley Jay Anderson

Brad Anderson was an American cartoonist whose most famous work was Marmaduke, a syndicated strip that’s been a staple in U.S. newspapers since 1954.

Anderson grew up drawing cartoons, a talent he kept up as a Navy mechanic during World War II.

Anderson earned a degree at Syracuse University in 1951. He started out in the advertising business, but he soon left his office job for freelance cartooning, first with a strip called Grandpa’s Boy (1954-66), and then with Marmaduke.

A single-panel cartoon, Marmaduke daily explored the irresistible charms of a destructive Great Dane; at its peak, the comic appeared in more than 600 newspapers.

In later years, Anderson was joined in the studio by his son, Paul.

Extra credit

Marmaduke was the basis for a 2010 film starring Owen Wilson (as the voice of Marmaduke).


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