Aaron D. Settipane / WENN

Brad Paisley with a hearing aid

Brad Paisley croons out a hit on the "Time Well Wasted" Tour at the Santa Barbara Bowl in Santa Barbara, California. The date was May 19, 2006. That's not *really* a hearing aid, of course: it's an in-ear monitor fitted so that he can hear himself singing in the mix, more or less as the audience hears him. Technically it aids his his hearing, yes, but it's not a hearing aid per se, not like the old folks wear. Although the unfortunate choice of a flesh tone makes it look more creepy and orthopedic than it needs to be. Honestly, how about something in a gaudy purple, or some glitter? Or something in... paisley? Just spitballing here. Personally, we would prefer a wicker-look pattern that matches the cowboy hat that is required by law in 14 states for all country stars. (California is not one of those states, but it does require that T-shirts be tie-dyed, as seen here.)

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