Image supplied by WENN

Brandon Routh as sleepy Superman

Superman (played by Brandon Routh) seems to be meditating, or possibly napping, as he lifts a giant gazebo off the ground in the 2006 film Superman Returns. We're just guessing it's a gazebo, based on its shape and wooden structure; what else could it be? Maybe the reviewing stand for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade? A temporary platform for public toilets? Maybe it's a portion of a miniature golf course, and he's actually *lowering* it here to install it. That would explain why the onlookers, while fuzzy, seem quite casual about it all. "Just Superman installing another one of his mini-golf holes, ho-hum, next he'll be flying in with the windmill for it," that's their take. It would also explain why Superman himself seems so bored with it. Just another day as the world's strongest amusements vendor!

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