Carrie Fisher in London in 2016

Photos by Dennis Gill Last photos of Carrie Fisher taken at the chiltern firehouse, In Marylebone, Carrie was sadly stalked by at least 20 fans daily they would chase her motor all around London just to get he autograph which was worth £600 upwards these guys would sleep in there cars behind the chiltern firehouse using walkie talkies radios to keep in contact with with each other, they followed her everywhere she never wanted to turn fans down at all when it come to signing but she just wished she was left in peace for a while while staying in the chiltern, they knew the motor thats she used to travel in and the reg but she played it smart leaving the back way in a black cab but there was always one or two fans on the back door still trying to get her if her motor turned up on the front, she used to go and see a friend of hers very often in Westbourne park area, to get away from the fire house and have peace and quite, she always was nice to me when taken photos as i never bothered her most of the time and was very nice to her but her fans thats really did not care about her only about her signing so that they could sell there photos that they got signed and products one guy who is a dealer makes over a £6000 a month selling her stuff and he is her biggest stalker following her to LA at times with his friends. these are the very last photos taken of Carrie Fisher at the Chiltern Firehose and in London

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