Charlotte Casiraghi jumps a horse wearing a Mickey Mouse hat

Princess Charlotte Casiraghi jumps her horse during an equestrian event in Nice, France on March 4, 2012. Just to be grammatically clear, the horse is doing the jumping with Casiraghi on her back; Charlotte Casiraghi is not, herself, jumping over her own horse. None of that matters much because we're focused on the cute (and surely very expensive) little sheepskin pads wrapped around the horse's fetlocks, probably to prevent it from banging its cannon bones on the rails. Although in that case, wouldn't you think they'd put the pads facing the *front* of the leg instead of the back? Well, no doubt Princess Charlotte and the horse people know what they're doing. We were so busy looking at the leg pads that we almost didn't notice the little Mickey Mouse hat that the horse is *also* wearing. It seems fair to call it a Mickey Mouse hat, even though the ears are shaped to fit a horse's ears. Probably they do that to avoid trademark infringement lawsuits from the Walt Disney Corporation.

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