Charlotte Church is ‘Rear of the Year,’ oh dear

Charlotte Church is named 'Rear Of The Year' at Carlton Tower Hotel in London, England on May 1, 2002. Charlotte Church was born in February of 1986, so she was 16 at the time. 'Rear of the Year' was an annual award first dreamed up by British PR maven Anthony Edwards in 1976; the award was given to "the nation's most significant posterior." Years later, Church told a conference hosted by the BBC that she regretted accepting the award: "I did Rear of the Year when I was 16, which was a ridiculous choice, a stupid thing to do but, you know, there was a whole host of people that I was working with who should have said, ‘Woah. woah. woah. You shouldn’t do this. This is bad, you’re 16.'"

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