Pat Denton / WENN

Claudia Schiffer has a fascinating face

Pardon us if we say: Claudia Schiffer has a fascinating face. (She is seen here at the 2007 Cannes Film Festival. wearing Mont Blanc Jewlery, on May 23, 2007.) The go-to description for any German model is "Teutonic," but we're not getting a Teutonic vibe from Schiffer. Then blonde hair and slightly squared-off chin, sure. But the turned-up nose? The swan-like neck? The full and sensuous lips? These are not symbols of no-nonsense, trains-running-on-time Germanic sensibilities. This is a face that might *keep you* from getting to your train on time, or possibly might distract the engineer just enough so that the train does not begin to roll at the precise moment the sweep second hand on the clock hits '12.' It is, in sum, an unusual and very pleasant combination.

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