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Daryl Hannah in ‘Clan of the Cave Bear’

Daryl Hannah (center) as Ayla in the 1986 film The Clan of the Cave Bear. The film, directed by Michael Chapman, was based on the hit prehistoric novel series by Jean Auel. In the story, Ayla (an up-to-date Cro-Magnon) is regarded by her dark-haired and backwards Neanderthal family as freakish and ugly. Ayla is both smarter and blonder than the Neanderthals, which doesn't sit well with certain VERY Neanderthal members of the tribe. Violent complications ensue.

As a side note, the editors of Who2 once saw Jean Auel and her husband breakfasting at a Village Inn restaurant in Beaverton, Oregon. We feel this is important enough to "break the fourth wall" to tell you, the reader. They looked like very nice people.

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