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Debbie Rowe is 64 years old
Best known as: The mother of Michael Jackson's first two children


Debbie Rowe Biography

Deborah Rowe was the second wife of pop star Michael Jackson and the mother of his first two children. Rowe was working as a nurse for Jackson’s dermatologist, Dr. Arnold Klein, when she agreed to carry a child for Jackson in 1996. She was impregnated artificially and then married Jackson on 14 November 1996, when she was six months pregnant. Their son, Michael Jackson Jr. (known as Prince), was born on 13 February 1997. A daughter, Paris, was conceived in the same manner and born on 3 April 1998. Rowe and Jackson were divorced in 1999, with Rowe taking a reported payoff of 4.2 million pounds to give up her custodial rights. Rowe then mostly dropped out of sight until 2009, when Jackson’s sudden death brought her back into the public eye.

Extra credit

After splitting with Rowe, Jackson had a third child, Prince Michael Jackson II ( nicknamed Blanket) in 2002. That child was born to a surrogate mother whom Jackson never identified…. Jackson’s first wife was Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of singer Elvis Presley.


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